Sweet potato and Lentil soup

I became vegan whilst in Greece, and on my first day back at home I had this meal. It was gorgeous! It is a soup which is very versatile, you can literally add any veg you like to it, but the spices are gorgeous! My mum taught me the recipe, it is a healing Kimbalaki soup… But I just thought it was a nice soup!

So here goes my first recipe blog…

For Massala paste:

1 tsp Cumin seed
1 tsp Fennel seed
Coriander (preferably fresh but 1 tsp ground will do)
1 tsp Turmeric
1 tsp Vegetable stock (Bouillon)
Salt to taste
Vegetable ghee (or olive oil if preferred)

For soup:

3 Sweet potato
1 handful Red lentils
Water as needed

Serving suggestions:

Serve with crusty vegan bread and a crunchy green salad (cucumber, salad leaves and a homemade dressing are shown in my photo)


1. To make the massala paste, grind cumin and fennel seeds, turmeric and dry vegetable stock and salt. Finely chop coriander and put to one side (or if using ground coriander add in with the other spices).

2. Add drops of water to the ground spice combination, mixing until a paste.

3. Fry this paste in a deep pan with a little vegetable ghee, or olive oil if you prefer. After a few minutes, add chopped sweet potatoes (chop to size according to how “chunky” you want the soup) and stir.

4. Add water into the pan in small amounts, watching to ensure the potatoes are soaking it up. Once soaked up, add more water until it is not being absorbed any more.

5. Add red lentils, these will soak up the water so you will probably need to add more (unless you added a little too much in the previous step).

6. Continue adding water until the soup is at the correct thickness.

7. Bring to a boil and then leave to simmer until your veg is cooked.

8. Cut big chunky pieces of bread, and prepare a side salad.

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