Cucumber and Spring Onion Sushi

When exams are looming, and you’ve tidied your room from top to bottom, the only thing left to do to procrastinate is MAKE SUSHI!

I decided to go for cucumber and spring onion, because they happened to be in my fridge. I don’t have a sushi mat and didn’t have any rice vinegar… and I didn’t have a pot of water… but despite ignoring almost every rule I could find online, I managed to create some student-style make-shift sushi rolls and I am very happy with them πŸ˜€

Ingredients for 6 rolls:

Thai-style white sticky rice (1 handful per nori sheet)

1 Nori sheet

Quarter of a cucumber

2 spring onions

Water in a bowl to brush with (I didn’t do this but can imagine it would help!)


I think you get better with practice at making sushi, but I took some photos so hopefully this will help you when making your own sushi rolls. It is so so quick, and so easy, but only once you get the hang of it. I’d suggest watching this movieΒ to familiarise yourself with the technique.

Once you’re all ready and mentally prepared….

1. Boil the rice for 20 minutes, this is where you can add a little salt and a splash of rice vinegar (optional, I didn’t have this as I’m slumming it student style!). It should soak up all the water but if it doesn’t, then drain in a sieve.

2. Whilst the rice is cooking, lay a clean tea towel out on the side, and then place one square piece of cling film over the top of it. Place one nori sheet on top of this cling film as seen below:

3. Cut off the skin of the cucumber, and cut into chunky squared off strips (see below). Also cut the spring onion into strips. Leave to one side.

4. Once the rice is drained and ready, pat it onto the nori sheet, remembering to leave 1 inch at the top and bottom of the sheet to allow for folding. Make sure it isn’t too thick or it won’t roll, and not too thin that it doesn’t cover the nori. This is a skill you learn with practice.

5. Now place the greens into the centre of the nori, making sure it is not too full or it won’t roll.

6. Begin rolling. My advice is:

Start by picking up the clingfilm from closest to you, and fold the nori over onto the other half.

Then push away from you, moulding the nori into a circular shape as you go.

Lift the cling film off the rolled section of the nori, then roll round the last bit.

Mould it into a circular shape with your hands.

(The advice online says use a bowl of water to wash your hands of the sticky rice, and to wet the end of the nori to make it stick well. You could probably do this but I was trying to reduce washing up!)

7. Take the roll off the cling film, and place on a chopping board. Find a very sharp knife.

8. Slice the roll very slowly. Don’t push the knife into the sushi to cut, rather move the knife forwards and backwards, and let the weight of the knife be the only pressure downwards.

Cut one piece, then line the roll up with that piece to measure how big to cut the next one. It looks nicer if they are all the same size!

9. Serve with soy sauce. I like having these as a refreshing and indulgent snack once in a blue moon, and when I’m so bored that I need to do something fun. They’d be great starters to an oriental meal, or good sides to a main meal.

I served them in the photos below on a bed of finely chopped strips of cucumber and spring onion.


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