Simple Puy Lentil Salad with Brown Rice (….vegan!)

I came back from uni on Saturday, and my mum had prepared an amazing lunch of puy lentil, pasta salad and falafel. It was scorching here in Manchester so was the best thing in the world to come home to! I made the puy lentil salad again on the Monday for me and my two best friends for a ‘BBQ’ we were having (which consisted of no BBQ but instead all cold foods!) They aren’t vegan but loved this recipe… all credit goes to mum for this one!


1 tin of puy lentils
Half of one sliced red onion
100g cherry tomatoes
Chopped chives & parsley (handful)
1 Splash red wine vinegar
1 Splash balsamic vinegar

Optional: We add organic brown rice to the salad, to make enough for 4 people, add 4 handfuls of rice.


1. Cook the rice, then wash with cold water and leave to cool.

2. Chop tomatoes in half, drain and wash the lentils, chop and dice the half a red onion and chop the chives and parsley. Chuck them all into a big bowl.

3. When the rice has cooled, gently stir into the bowl

4. Add a splash each of red wine vinegar and balsamic vinegar. I over-dressed my salad for my friends but it still worked, so advice is to be shy with it rather than over confident!

5. Serve with toasted pittas and humous, pasta salads and cous cous.


One thought on “Simple Puy Lentil Salad with Brown Rice (….vegan!)

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