Yummy Breakfast Idea- Roasted Asparagus and Mushrooms

As a new vegan, I’ve not really had many satisfying hot breakfasts, but I tried this as a simple brunch-type meal, and it was delicious and definitely hit a spot!


Asparagus (4 sticks per person) (and was in season when I made this- bonus!)


Vegetable Oil

Pure soya margarine


1. I fried the onions in some oil and a big chunk of ‘Pure’ margarine, so they were half cooked but not too soft.

2. I placed the asparagus in a square baking tin lined with foil, and poured the melted ‘butter’ and mushrooms over them, making sure they were fully covered and rolled in ‘butter’

3. I roasted at 200 C for 25-30 minutes (depending on oven), and prodded them to see when they were soft enough and done.

4. Picked out the asparagus and placed on a plate, then drizzled with the buttery mushroom combo.

5. I can imagine this would be great with a poached egg for non-vegans, or for people who are eating their own chickens eggs etc… but would also be delicious on its own, and VERY simple.

6. In the picture, I served on Β top of fried onions, not very healthy but I was having an indulgent moment!


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