Berenjenas Gratinadas (recipe coming soon)

I went to La Tasca for dinner tonight, and although people always say it’s a nightmare to eat out as a vegan, I’ve not had any trouble so far. Tonight I had Berenjenas Gratinadas ( Aubergines Gratin according to Google Translate!) tapas dish with aubergines roasted in a tomato, garlic and onion sauce (traditionally with cheese but I just asked for it to be without). It was gorgeous! Had with a baby green leaf salad in balsamic dressing. Yum Yum Yum…. this is literally just a post to prove vegans can have nice food in restaurants too!! I’ll be making up a recipe for this and trying it out, so keep an eye out in the next fortnight…

Also, thanks a lot for the subscribers, means a lot! Please comment on my posts with feedback on how to improve/what you liked. Would love to see some photos of recipes that people have tried out.




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