The past few weeks…


Soya ice cream in Valencia πŸ™‚

I have just got back from Spain visiting my boyfriends mum, and although we had a lot of home comforts as she is living there, I still have to say that being vegan abroad is DOABLE! I ate my own body weight in salad everyday (near enough anyway!) and although I was eating differently, I could still manage to eat healthily and get my nutrients. Another bonus is that a load of fruit and veg is grown there, soΒ it’s cheap and locally sourced πŸ˜€ woohoo.

One thing I will not forget is when we went to Valencia, and as we were walking along we found aΒ SOYAΒ ice-cream shop……. OH MY WORD! I was so excited and ofcourse gotΒ the largestΒ pot ofΒ “helado deΒ soja”Β (soya icecream :D). It made me very very happy to see that even abroad the dairy free lifestyle is being adopted.

Anyway, that is my excuse for not posting in a while, but I have a waiting list of recipies and food ideas justΒ waiting to be posted here so keep your eyes peeled in the next few days.

Enjoy x


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