Vegan paella

One of my favourite Spanish dishes is Paella, and I used to love seafood (the traditional main ingredient) until I realised quite the extent of the problems we are faced with in the fishing industry. Traditionally, paella was a simple seafood recipe that could be used on boats to give the fishermen a dish full of flavour. It has now become a lot more commercial, and they are doing not only seafood but chicken and chorizo paellas, meat feast paellas, and pretty much whatever you want in it… except VEGAN! But fear not, whilst in Spain, I made a gorgeous paella using the exact same recipe as my boyfriends/his mums paella, but packing a load of veg in there instead of meat.

The ingredients I used were paella rice (cook according to instructions on packet), a paella spice mix including saffron and other classic paella spices, then onion, courgette, peas, Β spinach, red pepper, mushrooms and a wedge of lemon (although this is supposed to be for the fish, I got excited at the idea of squeezing a lemon over my food!).

It was gorgeous, delicious, couldn’t even notice that it was missing seafood, the flavours were so diverse and amazing compared to what I’m used to eating.

Have a go and leave comments with any ideas for recipes, or other things you can add into a vegan paella!

Happy Paella Making x


2 thoughts on “Vegan paella

  1. ooh I am a massive olive fan, that sounds like a great idea I will have to try it, I am trying out a veggie pie tonight for the first time and I might put brussels in too now you’ve mentioned them! Thanks for the comment πŸ™‚

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