Leek and Mushroom Pie- New Vegan Recipe!

Hello subscribers/passers by!

So in the past I’ve been doing recipes for quite random things, but last night I thought I’d have a go at my first ever pie

I’ve never made a pie before, so was worried it would go completely wrong, but on the understanding that Leek and Mushroom flavours go excellently together, and knowing that a cream sauce consists of Flour, Butter and Milk, I set about blindly making this pie and I have to say it could have gone a lot worse!

The cream sauce was a perfect accompaniment to the leek and garlicy (we love garlic but you can put less in if you’re not such a big fan) mushroom filling, and although the pastry was rolled a little too thick, it still tasted delicious and went down a storm with my meat-eating, anti-vegan boyfriend! :D (He is even becoming converted to tofu now and is feeling very insecure in his meat-eating-sexuality!)

So here goes with the exact recipe of what I put in my delicious Vegan Leek and Mushroom Pie for two


Pastry, either premade or homemade is fine, homemade will ofcourse be tastier :)

1 Leek (roughly chopped)

6 Mushrooms (roughly chopped)

2 Cloves of Garlic (chopped)

Handful of chopped chives

Cream Sauce Ingredients:

3 Tbsp Plain Flour

4 Tbsp Dairy Free Butter

Soya Milk


1. Add 1 tbsp of dairy-free butter to a pan with a splash of oil, and add the leek and mushrooms to the pan. Pre-heat oven to 200C

2. After 2 minutes add the 2 cloves of chopped garlic and continue to cook the leek/mushroom/garlic combo.

3. Whilst leaving the above on a low heat to slowly cook through, you can start making the white creamy sauce. To do this melt 3 large tbsp of butter in a pan.

4. When this has melted, take off the hob and add 3 heaped tbsp of plain flour, and mix in ensuring they aren’t separated in any way.

5. Then you can add the milk, one splash at a time until it is a thick sauce, but not too thick or it will just make the pie taste like flour (to check this just taste the sauce when you think it’s saucey enough, and if it tastes very floury add a splash more milk). If you then accidentally add too much milk I’m sure you could add more flour to balance it back out! This is one of those parts that you have to play by ear and hopefully it’ll taste yummy :D

6.Make sure to continuously stir the leek/mushroom/garlic combo on the other hob, and when the white sauce is done you can add the chopped chives to the veggie pan for about 2 minutes.

7. Now you can roll out your pastry. I am not a pastry expert and feel I rolled mine a little too thick, so next time I’d make sure it really is very thin, but not too thin that it’ll all fall apart!

8. Coat the bottom of the pie dish (or in my case a take-out carton!) with butter to grease, then add the pastry.

9. Now pour the cream sauce into the veg pan, and mix to make sure all veg is covered by sauce. In my photos, you can see mine looks a little oily. I think this must be from the butter in the veg pan, which sort of sat on top rather than emulsifying in the sauce, but the filling tasted amazing so I wouldn’t worry about this too much.


10. Pour this creamy-veggie combo into the pie dish.

11. Roll out another piece of pastry, and place it on top of the pie, making sure you cover all the edges.

12. Pinch along the edges of the pie firmly to make sure the lid and sides do not separate when you take the pie out of the dish (like mine kinda did!).

13. Slit holes in the top of the pie to let the hot air out whilst it is cooking in the oven.

14. Place in 200 C pre-heated oven for around 30-40 minutes. I’m still getting used to my new oven but mine took 30 minutes after I was checking it every 5 minutes with paranoia that it would burn :)

15. Remove from oven and enjoy piping hot!

Please comment below with ideas for what I could serve this pie with in the future. It was a meal for me and my boyfriend, so to make it pretty I added a few chives in a little spiral but don’t know if there’s any side I could use?

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoy this recipe! x

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