Carrot and red lentil soup!

Hey guys, OK so I went back to my parents house yesterday for a few days, Β as I’m resisting two of my exams at the end of this month, and desperately need to revise…. Somehow I can’t help but be more interested in cooking and doing everything but revise 😦

But the good news is that I made a gorgeous soup and here is the recipe πŸ˜€ it tasted so great I’m sure you’ll love it…


600g carrots (grated)

140g split red lentils

1L hot veg stock

2tsp cumin seed

A big pinch of chilli flakes (or piri piri seasoning like what we used on the sweet potato chips)

2 tbsp olive oil

125ml coconut milk

Serve with crusty wholemeal bread or naan

Very simple method:

1) dry cook the cumin seeds and chilli flakes for about 40 seconds or until you can smell them in the air

2) addeverything else (probably start with the stock then everything else then the coconut milk)

3) bring to the boil then simmer for 15 minutes

5) take off heat and blend to desired thickness

6) serve πŸ˜€ and I froze the leftovers so am going to enjoy this delight again in the future πŸ™‚

Honestly, I got about 4 good bowls out of this soup, so that’s the maximum I’d say this recipe serves. Unfortunately I didn’t take any photos but when I reheat my frozenportion I’ll be sure to take some snaps πŸ™‚




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