A post about everything and anything and not very much at all…

Looking back at this post…it is a massive RAMBLE about this that and everything, so i apologise in advance for the random facts of my life that I am about to recall…

Last night I had stir fry for the first time in ages, and guess what …. My boyfriend made the whole thing for me whilst I revised! (unless you know my boyfriend, you won’t realise that it is highly unlikely for him to cook a vegan meal, and from scratch… So that was a winner in itself!). It had broccoli, babycorn, beansprouts, peppers, onions, garlic, spring onion, leek and black bean sauce… Couldn’t find any egg-free noodles in sainsburys so was let down by them once again! Going to have to start shopping at the fresh local veg shops but they are a bus ride away so during times of exam/revision stress I never get round to it!

Also, after eating scrambled tofu every day for 5 days, I’m finally glad to say I’ve given up the addiction and am having a tofu detox day (and maybe week)! πŸ˜€

What else do I have to tell you…. I nearly killed my basil plant when I came home from my parents… It was so wilted and sad looking, so I ran to the rescue and it’s now as healthy as anything πŸ˜€ does anyone know if you’re supposed to water those things every day? It’s gulping water like there’s no tomorrow but I don’t want to drown it…

Going to make some cheaper dishes this week as I’m running out of money rapidly, So if anyone’s got any ideas for cheap yet yummy meals I’d love to hear them in the comments below πŸ™‚

As ever, it’s raining in Manchester but hopefully that’ll be good motivation to revise! I have bought some strawberries and some oranges so am going to snack on those to remind myself it’s summer!




^^rare sighting of the boyfriend in the kitchen!


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