Basil Plants and Mango Stadiums…

I told you about my near-death experience with my basil plant (I didn’t nearly die, but it did)… and I’m well happy with how good its looking now! I didn’t take a photo of it in its withered, wilted state but I took a photo of it when I bought it (knew that’d come in handy one day :D) and I haven’t just saved its life… I’ve made it about twice as big! Sack this Zoology business… I’m moving into the plant world!

<pre near-death-experience

<post near-death-experience

Just got a phonecall from my mum, and she’s going to take me shopping as I’m being a poor student at the moment! woohoo bring on the cooking this week πŸ™‚ (I am getting increasingly worried at how excited I become over food…)

so will update with the “mango stadiums” part of this post when I’m back :D… which can be found HERE!!!!


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