Banana and Grape Smoothie (my first drink “recipe”)

I was having a look through some juicing websites, and they were all talking about how great it is to have a juice at the start of each day. Me being me, I couldn’t refuse the opportunity of trying it with my new hand blender so I have concocted a smoothie and it tastes great! I was really in the mood for a nutrient-filled pick me up, and this was definitely it! Full of goodness and tastes great- what more could you want?

Move over Innocent smoothies…


1 cup of red grapes

1/2 cup of orange juice (or blend 1 orange)

1 banana



1.Add an orange to the blender to get your ½ cup of orange juice. I used 2 oranges and now realised that was far too much, so have a lonely half cup of orange juice in the fridge to enjoy later.

2.Blend ½ a cup of red grapes (this is so fun and the juice you get from grapes is amazing!), and now you will have ½ a cup of orange juice, and a little less of a cup of red grape juice.

3.Blend the banana (again, this is SO fun! I definitely think it is the novelty of having my first blender but why did I not try this before? So cool watching thinks blast to pieces :D)

4. Add banana, grape and orange juice together into the blender and give it one last blast to make sure it’s all mixed in together.

5. Serve with cute little grapes on the side of the glass

6. Clean up the extraordinarily large amount of mess you have just created:


7. Enjoy cold 🙂


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