Mango Stadiums, Recycled Loo Rolls and Beach Art…

OK, so I got a little distracted during my last post when my parents turned up, but what I was about to show you was how you can make these cool little mango stadiums for making wraps or salads (I think my brain’s gone olympic-mad… they don’t really look like stadiums!), and also I have a new ‘friend’ to introduce you to!

OK, so I only found out how to do this recently, but cutting a mango is so fun :D, you basically cut slices off the side of the mango (because it has a whooping big seed in the middle), and hopefully you wont hit the seed. You can get two good slices off either side of the seed if you have good aim and then you can salvage the mango from the remaining sides later :). With the slices, you criss cross cut into the whole slice, then pop it out to get these little mango stadiums, which you can then slice off into perfect cubes of mango! Tadaaa…



Also, in much more exciting news, at Sainsbury’s these hand blenders are on offer for Β£9.99 and they are amazing! Me and my housemate Amy tried it out on an old grapefruit and the left over mango from lunch, and it is so cool… 8 speeds, it’s shiny, it comes with its own tub, the list is endless πŸ™‚ Here’s a few photos of our blending fun, and expect lots of blended recipes to come in the future :D…



And whilst I’m on a roll of telling you what I got at Sainsbury’s, I might as well show you these recycled loo rolls! I was well happy with them until I got back to my house where everyone was making jokes that they didn’t want 2nd hand loo roll, but I’m sure that’s not what it means by recycled……..



And finally, my parents came bearing gifts from their trip to cornwall with my siblings, and boy was I in for a treat :)… I got some really cool raw chocolate pies, which can be found on this website (click me!). Me and Amy tried the ‘Naked Pie’, and although being scared at first by its appearance, it was actually surprisingly nice! 2 more bars to go woohoo πŸ˜€ They also got me a little piece of art from St. Ives, made by Bob Wilcox then fired at Fish Eye Pottery. Its a gorgeous little frame, but all the more interesting now that I’ve visited the St Ives Online Shop and found out more about the artist himself. He collects objects from the beach, both man-made and natural, and presses them into terracotta before firing then staining with ink or paint. Very cool and I’d love to have a go at it some time, not done any ceramics since I was at college and would love to do some again!



They also got me a little cornish pixie for good luck in my exams πŸ™‚ So I was very spoilt yesterday and was very happy by the end of the day πŸ˜€


I seem to be posting a lot of rants and rambles recently, but promise I will have some more recipes for you this week! Just need to decide what to make. Going to keep it simple and make a thai green curry one night, so will be posting photos of that soon πŸ™‚




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