Taps and Salads

Yesterday, after having a day packed with revision, I had a teeny little break to meet my boyfriend after work for a bit of food. We went to ‘Taps’, for anyone in Manchester that’s a bar just next to the AMC entrance, and it has taps on each table so you can pour your own pints. Tom also got one of these Belgian ales called Kwak that he’s had before, and it comes in some cool glass, but I hate ale so stuck to the taps!

It was just this Birra Moretti stuff that we had on our table, (they were apparently all out of the other tap!) and I checked on their website before drinking it, and was happy to see this:

“We confirm that Birra Moretti is only produced in Italy, no other countries have any licences to produce it.
We also confirm that Birra Moretti is absolutely vegan friendly.”

I only had 1 drink, for the novelty, and I didn’t pour it too badly! Was a fun experience, and the chef also rustled me up a little vegan salad for me because the sweet potato chips were cooked in the same oil as the haddock (so that was a big no no!) and I didn’t fancy having plain veg so went for an olive salad that they created specially :D. It was deeeeelicious I was so happy with it πŸ™‚

Β < the contaminated sweet potato chips in the background! boo it’s annoying I wish they didn’t cook in the same oil as meat!


All in all, was a great place, great atmosphere and definitely will be going back there. As for today, nothing interesting happening, revisionrevisionrevision!

Have a nice day x


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