Studying canines and Ayurvedic cooking…

Sorry for not posting yesterday! I was busy at my parents house revising and eating yummy food!

So first of all, thought I’d share with you some super cute photos of my dog and my cousins dog (who we are looking after whilst they are away honeymooning) who were helping me study πŸ˜€



On the food front, and something you’ll probably hear more from me about in the future, is a course my mum has been doing for a few months. It’s called Ayurvedic cooking, and it’s all about spirituality and (i think) putting positive energy into your food. I’m not really sure but whatever she’s doing it’s working because every time I have a meal there from one of my mums Ayurvedic recipes it is delicious!

Last night we had ‘Ivy’s soup‘ I think it was called… It was udon noodles with all sorts of veg, lots of ginger and garlic and water to make a gorgeous soup. The flavours were delicious and I began to realise (from the reactions of my brothers) that my taste buds have become a lot stronger recently πŸ˜€ yay!

Here’s a photo of the yummy soup:


And let me mention, this is all vegan food (or at least you can make it vegan easily), so it looks like a very easy and great diet to follow! For desert, we had a banana loaf with raisins, and some other stuff I can’t remember but it was really delicious (my mum substituted the egg for half a cup of oil) and we had oatley cream and agave nectar drizzle to serve. Yumyumyum


So that’s my excuse for neglecting the blog yesterday πŸ™‚ only one week today until my first exam,and two weeks tomorrow until my second (and last!!) exam, so I’m going to be concentrating on that for the next two weeks.

My friend Lacey is coming back from America to take the first exam with me, so from Tuesday we may be creating some vegan wonders which I will share with you πŸ™‚

Have a nice day everyone x


4 thoughts on “Studying canines and Ayurvedic cooking…

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  3. Both of my dogs have been on the Ayurvedic vegan diet from Curry n Pepper ( and they doing great on a vegan diet. Infact it has helped one of my dogs with her gastric troubles and the other one with her allergies.

    • Wow that’s really interesting, I have always wondered about pet food, as most people seem to say they need meat and the vegan feed I’ve seen doesn’t seem very healthy… I’ll definitely be sharing this website thanks Gidi, do you have a blog you’d like me to credit you to? πŸ˜€

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