Rain, the gift of sight and terribly cut pitta

It’s a rainy day in Manchester (again- what is this rumour of summer that I’ve been hearing about?), and I’m busy studying for these exams… Looking at this…

Yesterday I had an eye test, because I normally wear glasses but recently my eyes have been going really blurry, so I went along and sure enough-my eyesight has deteriorated “significantly” since November… I’m on a bit of a downwards slope with my eyesight, I’m going to be wearing jam jars before I know it!

So today I went into town to pick up my new glasses, and glad that I can now look at my textbooks/blog without getting a headache (the textbooks are still a pain in the arse though!) …

And on the diet front, I’ve not been doing anything particularly interesting with my food, been very busy and even resorted to baked potatoes and beans last night! For lunch today I’m having a roasted red pepper humous, salad and olive pitta sarnie… With extremely badly cut pitta (whoops)…


I also made Thai green curry the other night (looks like Thai yellow curry because I confusingly used yellow ingredients)

Tonight my vegan friend from America, Lacey, is coming to stay at mine until Monday (our dreaded exam!) then she’s back to America, so I’m sure we will cook some delights this week, but tonight I think we will just be rustling up a pomegranate salad, or maybe a puy lentil rice salad if we’re that hungry… I heard rumours of broccoli spinach and peppers in the salad but who knows πŸ˜›

I have also received the recipe for an Avocado and lime soup, with cashew sour cream, (vegan raw dish) courtesy of Real Raw, so I will be making that at some point πŸ˜€

(All of this was typed with the on-screen keyboard because my keyboards broke… took sooooo long so sorry for not posting very often, I will buy some batteries ASAP!)

Hope everyone’s summers are going sunnier and more enjoyable than mine, or if you’re in Manchester then enjoy this rainy afternoon πŸ˜€ x


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