Sausage Butties! :D (vegan!)

Who said vegans can’t also enjoy a big greasy (well it wasn’t greasy but still…) sausage butty? Whilst revising, me and Lacey got a craving for some unhealthy, comfort food and Linda McCartney, you were our vice!

Lindas sausages are amazing (and so are her sausage rolls), for anyone converting to veggie/vegan, these will almost certainly make sure you don’t miss meat! I’ve not had them for ages but when I first turned vegan I was obsessed with them. You can get little snack-sized sausages like the ones below, or full sized sausages which are great for sausages and mash.

So we had those on some rolls with cucumber, orange wedges and raw broccoli. I felt like a kid again having this for lunch but it was so satisfying and motivated us to carry on working πŸ™‚ Here are some pretty photos πŸ™‚



3 thoughts on “Sausage Butties! :D (vegan!)

  1. Ooo these look so good! I just googled it but it looks like these may not be a available here in Canada tho…just my luck D:
    I will be keeping an eye out just in case though haha

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