Very Cute Mini Pie

OK lets get the excuses out of the way …Basically, I have been studying all week so have not had chance to blog, and my exam was today so I can relax now (until my next exam on the 28th!) and I have a little chance to blog in between cleaning the piles and piles of dishes, putting on a few loads of washing and generally cleaning the house! boo!

Over the past week, Me and Lacey have been cooking up some really cool meals, including the soup which I posted on her first night, so look out for new posts over the next day or two!

I thought I’d go in chronological order, starting with a meal from before Lacey came that I’d forgotten to put up. It’s the exact same as the pie recipe I showed you before, but this time I added a few different ingredients (whatever was in my fridge) and made a mini pie for one. It’s so cute so I have to show you some photos of it πŸ˜€


Keep posted, I’ve got some amazing recipes to share with you later today πŸ™‚ x


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