6 Ways to Ruin A Cake

This was the.moistest.cake.in.the.world…ever. It all started when I decided I’ve not baked for a while. I realise now why I don’t bake.. because really I can’t.

I experiment too much, and hate sticking to recipes. I  am normally fine just making up recipes for main meals, but cakes are a whole other ball park! I decided I wanted to make a chocolate-chip coconut cake, because I have some chocolate flavoured coconut milk in the fridge that I was determined to use up. So in the cake it went. I briefly looked at a few recipes online, sort of combined them together in my head, then set to work. I didn’t have coco powder, so I just sort of eliminated that from the recipe. I now realise that would have made it 1,000 times less moist. I also forgot to do loads of the standard things you do when making a cake. It was a flop.

This inspired me to make a list of DON’T’s when baking

1) Don’t get distracted taking pretty photos of your ingredients, and pay attention to what you actually put in the cake

2) Don’t forget to grease the tin, or your cakes bum WILL stick to the bottom.

3) Don’t think flavoured milk is a substitute for milk and coco powder, your cake will leak, and be very moist

4) Don’t get excited that you’ve just bought chocolate chips, and therefore insist that they go in the cake. Although they didn’t sink to the bottom like I thought they would, they were a bit unnecessary for such a large cake, maybe in cupcakes would be a better idea, or muffins like is the norm.

5) Don’t make up an icing recipe unless you’ve actually got baking skills or at least a tiny amount of baking expertise (both of which I don’t have).

6) Don’t give up half way through making the icing, and just put it on the cake anyway. I had a look online afterwards, and realise now I needed way way way more icing sugar, like 125g to every 50g of butter! whoops! I also added agave syrup to the icing, and it was very sweet and sickly.


OK, so those were my 6 ways to ruin a cake! And I did an excellent job of messing up my cake, see if you can do better 😛

I did however try and save it by adding some rasperries and a blackberry to the top of the cake 🙂 It looked quite cute, although when I cut into the cake it looked like it’d just come out of  a cement mixer. Very sweet, very moist, and don’t think I’ll be spontaneously making up cake recipes for a while now! Here are some photos of my finished beauty:


I hope people are having a more successful day in the kitchen than me 🙂 x



3 thoughts on “6 Ways to Ruin A Cake

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