Smoothie Making to Boost Revision

So after my disaster with the cake (which, after being refrigerated wasn’t that bad… it was like licking the bowl after making a cake- but that was the actual cake!) to feel a little lighter I had a massive olivey, broad beany, sun-dried-tomatoey, leafy salad. It was delicious and just what I needed after that cake!

For breakfast this morning, I decided to get back on the smoothie bandwagon. Here’s a recipe for a Banana, Kiwi and Raspberry Smoothie… enjoy:


2 Bananas

2 Kiwis

Handful of Raspberries

splash of juice (I used Ruby Breakfast Juice- orange will be fine too)


1. Add the two bananas, sliced, into the blender and blend

2. Scoop out the flesh of two kiwis, add to the blended banana, and blend again

3. Add the handful of raspberries, and blend

4. Add the splash of chosen juice, and blend one final time, making sure you get all of the lumps. Keep adding juice until it is the desired thickness. I prefer my smoothies really thick so I can have them in place of a meal for breakfast, and sometimes even have a glass of juice with it, so make it however thick you like 🙂 The more juice that is added, the thinner it will get.

I hope you enjoy this recipe, it’s so easy and so delicious, and is a great energy boost before a long day (for me, a long day of revision!)

I have a lot of work to be getting on with, so I’m sorry if over the next week my posts are a bit short and sweet, but you can look forward to lots and lots (probably too many!) posts once my exam is over on the 28th August 😀

Have a nice day everyone, wherever in the world you are (I get so excited when I see views on my page from all over the world outside the UK, ‘VeganConvert goes global’…:D) x


2 thoughts on “Smoothie Making to Boost Revision

  1. They are amazing Mandy, we have been doing pancake day wrong for yearsssss whilst America have got it nailed! Haha, I made choc chip ones for tom this morning mmmmm! Thank youu for commenting I have hardly any comments haa! Xxx

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