Fake Meat, Real Tasty?

Following my binge on Sausage Butties with Lacey, andddd after having “Facon” (as I like to call it :D) with our pancakes, I think I have gone on a fake meat roll! I used to eat veggie sausages a lot, but then went off them, and the phase is back! Fake meat isn’t even that nice, but it must be a combo of me constantly revising, having no time to cook, and wanting to binge to make myself feel better (comfort eating=winner!) that’s drawing me to fake meat!

I made a fake bacon butty for my lunch, and absolutely loved it. The first time I had fake bacon, my exact words were “it’s nothing to shout about, but it’s OK”, and now after cleansing my palette of animal flesh for nearly FOUR MONTHS (wooooooo!) it finally tastes nice!

Barbakan Delicatessen bread (a really nice bakery in Chorlton), and fake baconnnnnn!





Fake meat, delicious bread and dairy-free spread! Winner (literally never ever ever thought I’d hear myself say that… I’ll look back at this and disagree massively, but for revision bingeing its fantastic!)


Meat lovers…. there is hope out there!




One thought on “Fake Meat, Real Tasty?

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