Dog bones, Grazey fun and ‘I’m Never Too Old for Duplo’

Cute Animal Photos:

This is a general update from the week before my exam, when I neglected you guys big time! (sorry!) I thought I’d start off with these gorgeous photos of my dog Sammy (Samwise Gamgee for long), as he got a bone at the weekend, and was very happy! Hmm… how do the vegans out there feel about feeding their pets bones? I wouldn’t buy one, but my dad did, and the photos were cute ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m curious to know peoples thoughts on this!

Graze-y snacks!

Next, these are a few photos from my grazebox, they are pretty cool little snack boxes that you get delivered to your house, and they have all sorts of healthy snacks for you to munch on. The above left is Apple Cosmo, one of my favourites, which involves lime infused sultanas, cranberries and apple! yum yum yum. And on the right is the “hickory smoked nuts and seeds” includingย smoked almonds, smoked cashews, roasted pumpkin and roasted sunflower seeds. I also gotย fruity mango chutney with black peppercorn rice crackers, but I ate those almost as soon as I saw them so no photo I’m afraid :p… and same for the “Jaffa Cake” which hadย roasted hazels, orange infused sultanas and dark chocolate buttons. Seriously yummy snacks and you can even try out a FREE GRAZE BOX using this code:ย 3Q84CNVย at

Baby Monique comes to Visit

My Uncle Ted, Nannie and cousin Monique came to visit on Sunday, and we got all the Duplo out from when me and my 4 siblings were younger, and got to act like kids for a day, it was great! My mum knew saving the old toys was a good idea! We had so many cool duplo sets, I actually love it. We even had a recycling bin (obviously where my world-concious thoughts initiated….!), and a zoo (zoology influences from an early age too?)! It was really nice to see the family over the Bank Holiday Weekend, especially seeing as it was pouring it down with rain, and I heard festivals were even cancelled the rain was so bad… gotta love GB โค My family stayed for a big Sunday Roast, and I shall share photos with you in a future post (as this post is getting kinda long!). Below are a few photos of me and my 2 younger siblings: brother Timmy, and sister Phoebe :).



OK, that’s about all I was up to whilst I was away, look out for some more posts today with (more importantly?) the food I’ve been scrannin!



3 thoughts on “Dog bones, Grazey fun and ‘I’m Never Too Old for Duplo’

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