The beauty struggles of a blonde-haired, naturally brunette vegan. PART TWO

For anyone worried I’d been killed by the ginga-tint (aka NATURTINT) hair dye, fear not, I was just out getting very drunk until 4:30am…. yeahhh vegans can have fun too! ๐Ÿ˜€ Had lots and lots of cocktails with my best friend Amy, we did a little crawl of Fallowfield where I live, went to a pub called 256 for some cocktails, then headed to Trof, where there were live bands on and we had some very strongย daiquiri, and made serious eye connections with some husky singers, (watch out Tom!), then we headed for Font a cheap cheap cheap (ยฃ2) cocktail place, before deciding it was best to go home and put flats on before heading to a club…

Got to the club at 2am, and ended up back at home at 4.30, so we could’ve stayed out longer but the drinks were starting to hit me, being the old cooking, knitting, crafting granny that I now am, so we came home, but it was a good stint! So the first thing on my mind this morning was the compulsory (whether vegan or not) hangover bacon butty! And I’m not ashamed, a bacon butty, whether meaty or not (preferablyย not meaty)… cures a hangover for sure!

So the photo you’ve all been waiting for… my hair! I have to apologise and say I haven’t put the bright colours in yet, as I need to go and buy another box of blonde to slap onto my hair, as the slight orange appearance is undeniable!

So, it’s not too bad, but not quite how I’d like it. I also missed a little patch on the front left of my head, so that’s chillin brown at the moment… and we can’t have that! I think overall it has worked considerably well, seeing as my roots really were dark, and it’s lifted them to all the same colour. I also put no dye on the ends of my hair so am impressed that it all seems to look OK together- and for home dying it’s not terrrrrrrrible! It’s more the user that’s at fault than the product.

Thumbs up to NATURTINT from me.

I am getting over giddy and just want to put the colour on right now, but then I’ll be ginger and colourey together, and look silly. This might have to be the point where I get off my lazy, hungover arse and go to the shops to buy some more box dye. gahhhhh.

I will, obviously, let you know in the rare event that this happens this morning. It’s 11:36AM and I’m ย in work at 6PM, might just pick some up on the way to work and do it tomorrow- make my life as easy as humanly possible ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€

Here is a photo of 2 bananas that I kept hold of until the bitter end, even though they were too brown to eat, I thought they might be OK in ย a smoothie… I am way too kind to fruit, these bad boys should’a been gone long ago!

Hope you enjoyed those half-drunken rambles, I shall inevitably be back with more mindless chat about my hair, amongst other things, if you’d care to join me for PART THREE! ๐Ÿ˜€



6 thoughts on “The beauty struggles of a blonde-haired, naturally brunette vegan. PART TWO

  1. I have been using Naturtint Light Dawn Blonde for years! I love it!! When I go to Salons they also ask me who colors my hair and comment on how great it looks. Great product! Keep up the kindness to crabs! The world needs more of you!!

  2. Hi Deb, thanks for commenting. Yes it is a really great product isn’t it! I’m doing another layer of it because I think I have a bit of a ginger tint to mine as the roots were very dark to begin with, but after that I’m then going to use my bright coloured dye…one step at a time! Thanks for your kind words, that’s very nice of you ๐Ÿ˜€ x

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    • Hi Claudia, yes I got that blonde with that box dye, but I’ve dyed my hair for years so I think it’s got lots of layers of different colours in it at the ends anyway … This box dye really lifted my hair colour to be much much lighter though I love it!

      • Okay thank you! I want to go blonde but I don’t want to use bleach. So I hope this works. I’m going to buy two boxes just in case

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