From the Splendid to the Spectacular

I was in the vivarium for the first time in ages yesterday, and it was so good to get back to doing interesting things! For those of you who don’t know, I am a volunteer at the Manchester Museums’ Vivarium (I also volunteer in the Entomology department but that’s another story here). They have so much cool stuff going on there, if you’re ever in Manchester and/or near the Oxford road area, then pop in it’s great! There are loads of cool breeding programmes going on, with arguably some of them saving species which would otherwise be in a lot of danger in the wild. In this photo you can see two of the older frogs, and of extremely lovely nature. They are the Splendid Leaf Frogs, or C. Calcarifer species, and are a really interesting species (as well as looking so cool- they have amazing colours on their underside when they stretch out!). You can see some videos from the viv here  or visit to see some even cooler info from the viv:)

After the vivarium, I went to Herbivores, a veggie cafe near my University ( to the right of the UoM John Rylands Library entrance), and got a gorgeous leek and potato soup with some brown bread. omnomnom.

And I was in for an even bigger treat last night, when my boyfriend cooked me tea! It was gorgeous and will share that with you later.

In other news, it was absolutely pouring it down the other day, and yesterday I had a 4am-8am shift at Starbucks, then went straight to the viv for 9:30am, and stayed there til half 1. Needless to say I was shattered, it was raining, I needed to clean the whole house (which was an absolute tip again) to show my friend who may be moving in with us, and I was all stressed out. When I was walking to work, there were plastic bottles literally floating along side me down the mini river that had been formed in the side of the road, it was quite funny actually (so naturally I took a photo – below!). The point of this story is that when I got out of work this morning, it was SPECTACULAR in Manchester.. and this was quite a shock! The temperature has dropped significantly and feels like we’ve been catapulted from summer to winter in one day (yes summer to us is humid and heavy rain with plastic bottles floating around in the street). It was all frosty and the air was crisp, with completely blue skies-my absolute favourite type of weather! For anyone that has lived with me, or been outside with me for any extended period of time will know, that I LOVE the sky, so my whole day was lifted by the niceness of the Mancunian sky today. 😀 😀 I took some photos of Whitworth Park whilst I was going past on the bus of the lovely lovely weather. It makes everything look so green :D.


Anyway, I am absolutely shattered and am about to fall asleep at my keyboard, so I will have to love ya and leave ya!

Hope everyone has a nice day, especially the people in Manchester… cannot believe I am going to sleep through a day like this 😦 😦 😦 booooo



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