Cashew Sour Cream By ‘Real Raw’ (Vegan)

Most of the people who look at my blog are probably my friends, family, or non-vegans, but there are also a lot of regular vegans. For those who aren’t veggie, it might look hard (but it’s not!). I always thought that it’s one thing being a vegan, but raw veganism was maybe a little extreme and unnecessary. I wasn’t really sure of the motives, but assumed it must just be health. I discovered Real Raw facebook page, which can be found here. It is written by Richie Moore, and I think he is inspirational in the way he thinks and the way he writes. After discovering him, and chatting to him I am so glad I found the Real Raw page! I saw his photo of avocado and lime soup, and instantly wanted to try it. After getting the recipe, it took me months to get round to making it, but here is part one- the cashew cream which tops the soup. The soup recipe is to follow πŸ™‚

Please do check out his page, he posts some very thought-provoking and interesting stuff, well worth a look! I particularly liked this quote he posted:

β€œHe who has health has hope; and he who has hope has everything.”


1Β½ cups cashews
2 tablespoons lemon juice
1 tablespoon plus 1 teaspoon apple cider vinegar
1 cup water
Β½ teaspoon salt


You literally blend EVERYTHING together, adding a little more water at a time if you need it (but this recipe worked perfectly for me).

Then refrigerate, where it will firm up. I am told it will make an excellent dip, but also goes excellently with the Avocado & Lime soup to be posted later today.

Here are a few photos for demonstrative purposes :)…

1.Blend the cashews to a powder

2. Add all ingredients into a blender

3. Blend to a smooth creamy consistency

4. Refrigerate, or enjoy freshly blended.

I’ve never had cashew cream before, but often see it in recipes to replace soy cream. I will definitely be making this in the future because it is so so easy to make, and delicious! I actually did that “mmmmmmm” noise outloud when I tasted it for the first time, whilst alone in my kitchen! Yuuuuuummy!




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