I can’t speak for any vegan but myself, but I became vegan 4 months ago not for poetic or beautiful reasons as suggested in this post. I completely agree that animals and death are a natural part of the food chain and indeed a huge part of passing life on, but what turned me vegan was the lack of compassion and the bad intentions when “producing” or rearing meat/dairy/eggs in the modern day mass industry, and also the use of animals in testing, cosmetics and clothing seemed highly unnecessary to me. There was no good intention.

It is very poetic of this blogger to suggest that life and death are in harmony on this planet, but humans infact exploit this beautiful relationship between life and death by subjecting prolongued pain, injury, death and stress to many many animals. Many of the food products are wasted or thrown into landfill every year, and in developed countries like UK and America, and indeed many other places, every bit of the animal is not utilised to make the suffering ‘worthwile’ (still arguable), as we are a spoilt generation who waste. Not just at our dining tables, but in the stores food is wasted when it is not sold, in the warehouses, anywhere where it is stored and passes its sell by date, that food is then instantly wasted.

I don’t think I’m being poetic or lovely, and I definitely don’t think I’m saving the world by not eating animal products. Many people like this blogger understand veganism in a reductionist way, where you reduce the idea down to seeing one animal being eaten, and say “what’s the problem”. This is not the case. I do not disagree with a whole family in the arctic feeding and being clothed by one animal for weeks after going hunting. Instead I see the bigger picture. There are many flaws and many corruptions within the meat, dairy, cosmetic testing and clothing mass industries, along with many other animal-involved industries, where MILLIONS of animals are involved. It is not just one or two animals, and they certainly aren’t treated as well as you probably think.

I don’t mean to preach, but I do get quite annoyed when people think I am trying to be poetic and lovely, when in fact I am just opening my eyes, and showing compassion like is normal human nature, in comparison to the mass torture and extremely inhumane activities which are going on worldwide which we have been taught to ignore/accept (and I definitely did accept this until 4 months ago when I realised I had my own opinions).

My opinions on veganism are probably completely different to the next vegan. You wouldn’t group together all Australians then be shocked that they don’t have the same opinions. There are 1,000 different reasons to be vegan, many contradicting eachother, so you really can’t group us all as attempting to be poetic and lovely!


Dr. Justin Penoyer DACM, LAc

Written by KristenM

Oh, there are too many reasons to go into them all here. The one I want to explore today, though, isn’t about health or wellness or tradition. It’s about life. It’s about the undeniable truth that all life comes from death. Many turn to veganism in an attempt to “do no harm.” A lovely, poetic, beautiful idea. Those who embrace it through veganism want their life to be from that which is freely given; they don’t want to know, deep down, that their own place in this world came at the cost of another sacred life.

Yet it does. All life does. Let’s begin by looking at the root of all life — the soil.

Wendell Berry, in his essay “Two Economies” writes:

“For, although any soil sample can be reduced to its inert quantities, a handful of the real thing has life in it; it is…

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