Literally the best girlfriend in the world!


Last night me and Tom went to the Comedy store in Manchester. It was seriously funny, and we were on the front row so typically were targeted by every comedian for being the ‘young couple’. My cheeks were hurting by the end of it with the comments they came out with to Tom… “Take your hat off, you’re inside you little shit”, “don’t ever move in together, the sex on tap is a myth, I’ve never found that tap”, “Pull your trousers up you’re not a black gangster from London” and some much more explicit jokes which aren’t really family appropriate haha! But it was a really good night out, and seeing as Tom is going back to Uni in Leeds on Sunday, it was nice to go out one last time before he leaves :D, and made a nice change to just coming home, having tea, and going to bed!

However, he is coming home from work tonight, to THIS. Am I, or am I not, the best girlfriend in the world?


I made the Berry Muffins again after making them in our mini bake-off and absolutely loving them! This time I used blackberries and raspberries, and my god raspberries are even more amazing in them! I’ve already eaten two of these bad boys, and I will be at work by the time Tom comes home so I hope he takes them all back to his dads house with him (or I will eat them all).

Here are a few photos to have you dribbling over your keyboard… and yes… they taste as amazing as they look!

FRESH out of the oven…




Dusted with Icing Sugar, and ready to eat!….


In my new teacup baking cases!!! They are so cool… and also berries were oozing out of the cake. Yum Yum Yum!



Enjoy your day everyone



P.S. Don’t know if I need to point this out… but they are completely and utterly VEGAN and cruelty free… and healthier than animal-riddled cakes… which is dangerous because you can eat as many as you like!


5 thoughts on “Literally the best girlfriend in the world!

  1. those teacup-cake holders are adorable! the muffins look deeeeeeeeelish you should get starbucks to start putting them out in the cases instead of their fatty animal laden ones 😉

  2. Oozing was the only word to describe it Rayni, yummy! And lace I bet these taste BETTER than any Starbucks cake… I’ll get on to it :p
    Thanks for commenting 😀 x

  3. Hi Helen, thank you and believe it or not… They might actually taste better than they look! And completely vegan so no guilt attached! 😀 thanks for commenting X

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