No Rest For The Wicked

Worked 14 hrs in the space of 5.30pm yesterday and 12.30pm today…. so didn’t really get much sleep! But today in Manchester it has been gorgeous. After having people all morning in work telling me how glorious it is outside, I got out of work and went straight to bed! 😦 But managed to escape in the evening for a while, as a lovely lovely lovely girl was selling her textbooks from when she was in uni a few years back, and she gave me aaaall these books for Β£25! I am so happy because (as you probably know from me complaining on here) money isn’t so plentiful so buying textbooks at Β£50 a pop can be a bit of a strain, and leads me to avoid buying them! So this will be really really useful! She also went to Bangor University to study Zoology, something I have kinda aspired to (even if it’s going to Bangor for a masters or for something else down the line). She really raved about that uni and it made me want to just pack up and move there! But then I got my level head back on, and it’s results for my resit exams on Monday… so fingers crossed and all shall be decided then!

My parents took me to her house, then we went out to the pub for a drink and some crisps πŸ˜€ It was very nice, and me and my mum just chatted about house decorations the whole time- that’s definitely where I get it from!

The sky is absolutely bang on tonight, lovely colours I could stare at it all night but it goes so quick 😦

For tea… sweet potato chilli chips (plus the bag of crisps from the pub = not only tattie overload, but also a very unhealthy day for me!) which were gorgeous, and so satisfyingly, guilty-pleasurely good.

I then surfaced the Lemon and Poppyseed Cheesecake which I made from a Mouthwatering Vegan recipe the other day… and although it sort of worked, the “cheese” didn’t really firm up in the fridge, so my tofu may not have been firm enough. You can click on this link to see the recipe, but I think it needs a little adjustments before its 100%… mine cut fine and I could get a good slice, but I came back to the fridge half an hour later and the whole thing had plopped… hmmm not exactly appetising!

Nevermind! I had a lovely morning in work (surprisingly- seeing as it was such an early shift) and chatted to one of the other members of staff who I don’t normally get chance to chat to because we’re so busy. She’s really clever, has 6 titles behind her name, and is a qualified surgeon!! It’s so cool and inspiring, I hope one day I can proudly say I have achieved so much to my name.

I probably also had such a good day because I was then asleep for the rest of it πŸ˜€ And going to go back to bed now that I’ve filled my belly, because back up and in work for half 5 am… NO REST FOR THE WICKED!



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