So So Busy, and So Much Still to Do

I’ve been doing a lot of ayurvedic cooking recently, and have been using some of the recipes from one of my mums books. Delicious food and full of flavour and texture! The other day I went about making Ivy’s Orientale Soup, then decided to make Kichidi with spinach too (the rice one), then half way through decided I just wanted the veg boiled… with the rice… so I mixed it up a bit and drained the soup when it was done. It was a bit of a mish mash but it was nice so I was happy ๐Ÿ˜€ I also got the peas out of the pods which always makes me happy that I’m using natural healthy ingredients! It also makes me appreciate peas so much more :D. I then had the soup for lunch the next day (this is a ย bit against the Ayurvedic ways… as leftovers lose their energy but as a student I didn’t want to waste!)


Around this time, I also had washed my hair about 2 times now… and this is how the semiย permanentย dye is looking after 2 washes…


It’s not too bright which is why I like it ๐Ÿ™‚ and it looks nice when its straight AND when its all messy and bed-heady, so I’m very happy with it. The dye I used was pinks and blues, but they have mixed in some places to give purple which I also like. Feeling glad I did it now, especially as I need something to boost my mood with all this rain inย Manchester.

On the 18th/19th September (I know, I’ve left this so late to post about… but I’ve been really busy I promise!), we set up our VegSoc stall at the Freshers Fair, where we were getting people to sign up to our society. It’s predominantly for University of Manchester students, but if you’re from Manchester and want to join, head over to our Facebook group to ask about joining as everyone is welcome! It’s for veggies and vegans to get together regularly, go out drinking, for food, and just socialise, but we also have mentoring schemes, recipes and nutritional advice!



I also spent some time on the Zoology Societies stand, where we were signing people up for that. I made this sign as the stand wasn’t shouting out to people as much as we’d like. :D, I’m just so creative! Quite embarrassing that I had felt tip pens in my bag but nevermind! They came in useful for making a cupcake sign- yes free cupcakes when you joined the VegSoc! And the berries were picked by Ruby one of the committee members!


In other SHOCKING news, I saw a programme about lemons, and they are WAXED… with animal products! Is it just me being blind, or has anyone else never realised you can get unwaxed lemons? I only realised whilst watching a programme about the bugs they get the wax from, and now I am horrified. I can’t believe that even FRUIT has animal products smothered all over it! I am thinking twice about ever buying fruit from sainsbury’s, might have to stick to the organic shops from now on! Although you can buy unwaxed, I’m stillย scepticalย as to how they preserve their fruit….

In happier news, I made a banana loaf! It was a bit of a concoction, of banana, cinnamon and sultanas. It was delicious and we had it yesterday afternoon with a cuppa, yumyumyum.


Also, I’ve moved back in with my parents (hence the posh plate the banana loaf is on!), because I’m taking a gap year to do a full time placement at the museum. So I’ve been extremely extremely busy recently, and it’s only going to get busier!

My Grandma is also feeling very ill at the moment, so I’m going round now to help her out, and to make her some Kimblake soup, an Ayurvedic healing recipe which is supposed to have excellent healing properties… so I might have to do some chants at this soup to try and help my Grandma get some positive energy back into her body… but we will see how crazy I am feeling at the time!!!

Off to the shops now to get some things for my Grandma, I’ll take some photos of the soup and share it with you next time I’m online ๐Ÿ™‚

For now, everyone in Manchester be careful not to drown in all this rain, and everyone else around the world- be thankful you’re not in Manchester! ๐Ÿ˜€ X X


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