Jamie and the Giant Soup

Firstly… saw this outside a co-op shop! It made my skin crawl! I was imagining mangled up cats and all sorts in there… but obviously (/realistically) it wasn’t- I didn’t check but we can hope!

On the same day as being shocked by the above, I also made Grandma a tomato soup, using a Jamie Oliver recipe.

I used fresh large tomatoes, and tinned tomatoes- so extra tomatoeyness! Basically it involved frying a load of carrots, celery, onions and garlic in a pan. This bit was fine, but then it said add 1.8 L of veg stock….. :o… THEN two tins of tomatoes… THEN 6 tomatoes… I didn’t quite realise the scale of the soup I was making… so with only 1 L of stock in there, both cans of tomatoes and only 3 tomatoes, the pan was so full I couldn’t get the lid on… OOPS.

I resorted to cupping some of the liquid out and saving it in a tin until I could add it later…

And tadaaaa… the lid went on (oh god, how was I so excited about this?! I think it’s because I felt all smug like HA at the pan, I CAN fit all my soup in you!)

I ended up taking out a good few inches of the soup, so that I could add more of the tomatoes, then blended it a little, added basil, and blended it completely on high speed until it went this orangey slushy colour (mmmm appetising description I know!)

It looks like tomato and basil soup, and that sure as anything is good enough for me! It wasn’t exactly strictly following the recipe but hey ho, it worked out in the end… adding veg to a pan can only ever really go one way, as veg is ALWAYS YUMMY!

My grandma enjoyed it, and Frank one of the other residents at the place she lives, came round in the evening and had some for his tea- winner! πŸ˜€

But I don’t think she enjoyed it as much as the Kimblake (sweet potato and lentil with bits and bobs- aka spices) soup …. which I will be recreating on Thursday!

Also, tonight is the first ever VegSoc Social! Woohoo! It’s at FUEL vegetarian cafe and bar in Withington, from 8:30PM onwards, and it’s going to be great :D. I’m thinking of re-dying my hair as it’s had about 2 weeks of wear and tear and its finally looking very washed out and a bit pathetic! So I’ve got to unpack all my things into my room at my parents house (and I suppose it’s now my house too!), and if I get time I will show you how it looks πŸ˜€

Happy cooking and vegging everyone x x


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