Red, Red Food & Lots and Lots of Packaging



So it turns out that moaning about how inefficient walking is has set Lacey off on how I should do more exercise- oh no!

I’m not going to lie, I’m lazy and I’m a big fan of food… that’s probably the only reason vegan food works for me, I can feel healthy and guilt-free whilst sat eating THIS …. **cue ‘The Red Lunch‘**

grapes (YUM), peppers, olives (aaaabsolute yum- but very fatty so don’t eat them kids, you’ll get addicted), sun dried tomatoes, pitta and humous

….and whilst looking at THIS **cue cool photos of crabs**

and in the left corner, we have tiny tony, and in the right corner,, the iiiincreeeeddiiibleee huuuuuuulk (This is how I occupy myself whilst at the museum!)

See, this is how I currently see veganism, as a really really really easy thing where I get to eat loads of food and minimise my impact on animal cruelty and the earthΒ (notice how I say minimise, yes I know I’m not going to save the world but it’s worth trying to at leaaaaast minimise the stress we put it under!). Currently I only look out for my health in terms of making sure I get the right nutrition, but I might look into being healthier physically too! I rush around so much that I don’t put on any weight, and I’m not unfit, the only problem is I’m also not an olympic athlete either!

Right, I’m going to set a target for New Year to have started exercising…maybe..probably (or not)… we will see!

In other news, I’m so sorry for neglecting this blog, over summer you’d see me posting about 3 times daily with everything and anything I was eating, drinking, seeing, smelling, hearing, feeling and breathing. Now my posts are looking a little sparse in comparison, but promise I’m still here for the long haul!

Yesterday I made a Thai Green Curry for the family, inspired by Mouthwatering Vegan, and with pistachio rice.

I didn’t take any good photos of it, just a crappy one on my phone, and I only took it after I’d presented everyone elses nicely, then dumped the rest into a bowl for myself, adding a million sesame seeds and loads of extra pistachios on top… so you’ll have to use your imagination on my bowl of dumped messsss.. (bliiiimey I’m full of excuses with this one!).

The rice was a mix of 3, wild, basmati and brown rice. I then mixed it with crushed pistachios and lime zest.

The curry (hidden under a sea of seeds) was broccoli, sweet potato, spring onion and mushroom all cooked in toasted sesame oil, then next with teriyaki sauce and green curry paste added, and then a load of coconut milk. It was yuuummy, but then again you can’t go wrong with Thai green curry!

As for me, I’ve been busily getting along with museum fun, and it’s all coming along nicely so far, and at quite a good pace! There was one thing though, which really made me laugh. I suddenly thought, why do specimen containers have SO much packaging? In todays world it would be ridiculous to have so much going on.

They have a box, then a stuffing (normally some sort of entertaining piece of newspaper from 1890’s like below), then a ‘lid’ for the stuffing, then a black piece of card to make it look nice, then little corks to act as little stands, then another piece of card with the cut out holes to fit the bottle, then a piece of card with the specimen on, which is then put IN A BOTTLE, then a lid with a glass front goes on top.


talk about stamping all over the ‘eco’ idea.

(Image on the bottom right shows agricultural produce from a newspaper in the 1890’s, found this very interesting, although the veg bit gets ripped off at the end boo)

But I’m really glad that in about 100yrs we have significantly changed the way we even package things… see people are changing! πŸ˜€

And on that note… I am going to skip off to work in my newly purchased uniform… yay no more scraggly uniform (at least for the next few shifts, but by then I’m sure it’ll be covered in syrup and milk all over again!)…



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