Vegan Spider Soup (…with Pumpkin)

I looove to complain.

So many things annoy me… buses, buses and mainly buses, then there’s busy places with too many people, people in general, and normally people that I meet that are like me normally annoy me.

But for some reason, I’ve been reeeeally happy today! I was sat in the museum absolutely loving life, and I don’t know why but I felt I should complain about something. I just complained at my sister for making the kitchen messy, and thought I’d outline above some other things that bother me, just so I don’t fall asleep toooo happy and end up having stressful dreams (honestly- has this ever happened to anyone else? Where you have a whole night of nagging dreams and wake up exhausted…no… just me?!)

Anyway, so I spent the day finding out reeeally cool things (like how a species of barnacle were introduced into a Californian lake in WWII, the differences between crustaceans and Chelicerata, and maaaany other interesting things you can read HERE). This is probably why I’m so happy with life! Because I’m a massive geek so I fully believe knowledge is power!

So, after such a good day, I probably should’ve come home, and chilled out to top off the day. But when I got in at 6.30pm, I decided to make pumpkin soup. Why oh why? It took 1hr for the pumpkin to roast, then took me about an hour to chop and cook everything, then about an hour for me to tidy up… and that brings me to now, 9.30 at night and I’m wishing I had just left that as a Halloween activity!

The recipe was completely made up, as that’s generally how soups go for me. I like cumin, so I added that. I like onions and pumpkin, so I added those, and I added rice milk because I don’t like to use Soy, and that’s the only other milk I had. It’s really a process of elimination style thing, imagine me in my kitchen scanning the cupboards, like a great selection process… better than the final of X Factor this… I’m happy to say, cumin you’ve MADE IT TO THE FINAL!

So anyway it went something like this…



1 pumpkin (modest size, not too big, not too small)

2 tbsp cumin seeds

2 white onions, chopped

1 tbsp dairy-free butter

splash of oil

Rice milk

Seeded bread



1) Roast the pumpkin. Never done this before, but figured it couldn’t really go wrong… so I whacked it on top shelf for about 45 minutes at 200 C. Honestly, I forgot I put it in there, and when I went to answer the front door I remembered it was in there… so very roughly about 45 mins, depending on size of pumpkin. Cut it in half, if it’s like butter it’s perfectly done.



2) Scoop out all the seeds, and peel off the skin. Save the pumpkin seeds for garnish.

3) Whack the onions in a pan with some oil and butter, and allow time to soften. Then add cumin seeds.


4) Dice the pumpkin, and add to the pan


5) Add milk to cover the mixture, and bring to the boil. The more milk you add, the less thick your soup will be- so decide now! I like thick soup so this was perfect for me.

6) Now time to make the croutons! Cut the crust off a few pieces of seeded bread, then cut into cubes. Add these to a pan with butter and oil. Once crispy, add the pumpkin seeds from earlier, and allow them to toast for a few minutes. If you have any left over you can keep them in an airtight container and munch on them tomorrow 😀

7) By this time, the pumpkin should be completely soft, and the soup all mixing in together. I mashed it a little, then added it to the blender and blasted it to a fine soup. You can leave it chunky if you prefer it like that.


8) Then waste your whole night making spiders out of bread, croutons and pumpkin seeds 😀

orrrrr go for the adult approach…


Either way… be prepared for a lot of mess! I know you might look at my photos and think wow what a clean kitchen…but that’s just because I’m really good at clearing all the crap from within eye shot! So this next bit is sort of like at the end of an Attenborough film, when they show the out-takes…


On the left photo you can see why it took me an hour to clean the kitchen, and on the right you can see what my food actually looks like by the time I eat it… and it’s almost always lukewarm!

Luxuries of blogging I suppose

🙂 X





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