Ribbons and Parks



This is a belated post from yesterday.

So I was wondering around Whitworth Park yesterday lunch time, like you do on your own in the rain… And it was so gorgeous! The leaves were bright orange, yellow and green and all just looked so nice, that it actually lifted my mood!

I think I’ve figured why I’m so excited recently, not only is it my birthday next week (woooooooo), but it is AUTUMN. Literally the best season of the year and that also means its nearly Christmas, which means I need to start perfecting a vegan Christmas meal, and also perfecting with my little sister a vegan Christmas cake….. Challenge accepted!

20121016-150644.jpg<< the tree!

Whilst wondering around the park, I remembered a tree that I photographed is time last year, and it was covered in colourful ribbons (shown at the top of this post). I went back there to see, on the off chance, if they were still there… And they were!!

This made me so happy, because as you know I get easily excited! But then I turned round and there was A TREE WITH A COAT ON, no joke, a tree, wearing a wool coat/glove/piece of clothing.

How cool.

I started going off on one in my head about what this could “mean“.

All in all, I’m very happy with myself now!




And this is my glorious view from the museum window, isn’t it gorgeous! And when you get inside it’s absolutely fascinating, win win all round!



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