3 Years On, and a Yard to Celebrate

Firstly, of course I have to shamelessly Β promote the event we are having on Wednesday πŸ˜€ It’s called Pumpkin Potluck, and it’s a VegSoc Halloween Special. You have to bring a pumpkin carved, and a dish made using the pumpkin flesh. Prizes for best carver and best chef!


I have spent all night carving and giddily taking photos. I have made a post about pumpkin carving, but have done this thing I’ve never done before (going to look like a right amateur now), where you schedule a post to be published another time! How cool is that! Technology eh?! So that’s gonna be posted at 8pm on Wednesday 24th, after the event is over! (clever eh?)

So for now, I’ll give you another life update.

It’s my 20th birthday tomorrow πŸ˜€ and also my brothers 21st on the same day (23rd October, I was his 1st birthday present!). So he had a big 21st party on Saturday. It was so good and a really nice mix of people. Mostly a family party but we all invited a few mates too. I also got to see my boyfriend which made me very very very happy, as not been seeing him much since he went back to uni in Leeds. I don’t know if I’ve introduced my blog followers to Tom, but he’s the one in the photo below in the middle with the orange and blue shirt on :D. It’s a new shirt and I like it so thought I’d give it a shout out! And on the right is my brother finishing his “21st Birthday Yard”. It kinda sums up how the night was, the crowds watching as people drink themselves silly!

I had to share a few photos on here, I’ve put a load on Facebook (over 100!) but I’ve selected some appropriate to my life πŸ˜€


Above is our lovely decorations and on the right is me and my brother Nathan, the birthday duo! We both seem to be doing the generic :O face, and happen to be veeeeeeeeeeery drunk :/


And this is why I was drunk! Usually the girls are exempt from doing yards, but it’s become a family tradition for all males to complete the yard of ale to be respected by the rest of the family! Lets call it a sort of ‘initiation’. For some reason, after a few cheers for me to do a yard, I got up to do the mini yard (1 and a half pints), whilst my boyfriend Tom was doing the proper yard (4 and a bit pints!). Officially the first HIS ‘N’ HERS yard in our family history, so I’m very proud πŸ˜€


This is me looking very loved up, veeeerry happy to see Tom, and he’s looking very drunk and his hair no doubt full of beer from that massive yard :S. Peer pressure at its best πŸ˜€


and THIS beauty, is my necklace from tom πŸ˜€ I am so so happy and love it so much. It is my present for my birthday but also to celebrate us being together for 3 years :D. It seems like 3 years isn’t a long time, but at the same time I can’t remember what it’s like not to have him… is that a good thing or not? (joooooke)

So that’s why I’m all lovey dovey (I’m never normally like this!), and that’s why I’ve not posted in a while. Been drinking beer, seeing family and generally had an amazing weekend πŸ˜€

Hope everyone else had a good weekend, and hope to see the any veggies from Manchester at our Pumpkin Potluck event on Wednesday πŸ™‚ XX



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