It’s my birthday!!!

Normally I’m way more excited than this, and this worries me because I have officially crossed the border from being a teenager to being twenty (although personally I prefer the term twenteen).

The P.O.A. (plan of action) for today is to go to the museum from 10-2, then have a bit of a skive from the museum in the afternoon, and go and meet my best friends for some cocktails at 4 :D. When I get back I’m going to open my cards/presents with Nathan at home. We (me and the fam) then have a table booked for 7pm at a restaurant in didsbury called Rhubarb.

Reasons why we chose this place:

1) I like rhubarb, so maybe I’ll like the food ?
2) they have a nice logo, makes me have a little more faith in them
3) the background on their twitter account is the same as the wallpaper in my front room, and I was later informed this is the wallpaper they have in the restaurant!
4) the owner tweeted me letting me know about the vegan options. I never go on twitter so getting tweeted is always exciting for me. Plus, she was really friendly!
5) Nathan (whose 21st it is today) said we could choose, so it was a process of elimination type thing
6) they have a vegan starter, main AND desert as well as meat/fishy options for the rest of the family
7) who doesn’t love rhubarb?

So for obvious reasons, we HAD to go, if not at least for the wallpaper.

I will naturally be doing a little review on here of how it goes. I’m quite easily impressed, either that or everywhere I go seems to cater excellently for vegans.

Talking of going out, I went out for a Sunday dinner with Tom and his dad (on Sunday funnily enough). They both had carvery and the chef rustled me up a Mediterranean roasted reg hotpot type thing topped with breadcrumbs. It was deeelish!

So yeah, I’m confident Rhubarb’ll be nice as I’ve heard only good things about the place, but will let you know either way πŸ˜€

So for now, I’ll have to love you and leave you, and go and enjoy my birthday antics πŸ™‚

I will be making my pumpkin dish for the pumpkin potluck event tonight, as I saved the pumpkin from last nights carving session. Can’t wait to share it with you, the recipe looks amazing, with the classic pumpkin/cinnamon combo going on! Below is a teaser of my pumpkin post coming up tomorrow:


Enjoy your day X


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