Alan, Alan, Alan… STEVE

For VegSoc, we are holding Β a Pumpkin Potluck event πŸ™‚ I am actually writing this before the event, but will post it afterwards so I don’t spoil the SUSPENSE of my pumpkin :p



So here’s a little tutorial on how I carved my pumpkin πŸ˜€

Firstly, I was terrified I would do it wrong. I’ve not done one since I was a kid, and kids don’t really care do they? But this seemed like a lot of effort for a 19 year and 354 day old (yep, did this the day before my birthday:D), so I didn’t want to get it wrong! In the photos you can see my mums pumpkin, so if it went terribly I could start again, as I say though… I couldn’t be arsed with getting it wrong!

So I cut off the top, no idea if it was the right amount or not, but seemed to do the trick.

And for anyone like me who can relate, I started this kinda time consuming job 5 minutes before dinner. So I had to stop, eat, then carry on. Had pie, chips, mushy peas and veg for tea mmm… anyway, so the lid was cut off…Then I scooped out as much of the seeds and stringy inside that I could and set it aside (so I could get the seeds for roasting mmmm)

As you can see on the left photo above, it was kinda thick, so I cut it to just over half its original thickness, saving all the pumpkin to make my mystery pumpkin dish with!

I then drew a not-so-scary looking skeleton and traced it onto my pumpkin. I used a red marker so when it rubbed off you couldn’t see I’d ever used pen πŸ˜€

It wasn’t a problem cutting any of the main shape out, I just used a pretty small knife and before I knew it I’d finished, took about half an hour to 45 mins… but being the child I am I loved doing it πŸ˜€

The ONLY problem was the facial features… so so fiddly and cracked Steves skull on numerous occasions oops.

And after putting the mouth off for ages I just went for it and did a pathetic looking hole, better than nothing I suppose πŸ˜€

I took a couple of generic pumpkin shots, just to have a record of how it looks incase I drop it or something, just so I have evidence πŸ˜€ Then… then I discovered long exposure, something I’ve not played about with since my A level Art course… and this is dangerous because that’s how I lost hours of my day…

It started off with a couple of ‘arty’ shots, then I accidentally moved my camera and saw the lovely effects of long exposure. Before long I was trying to spell veg with the light, by moving my camera round really quickly.

After many attempts, I sort of spelled out veg, but by this time the shadowy echos of the skeleton in the photos was intriguing me more, and I set about playing with shadow looking photos… I took so many!

Left and Right, Up and Down, I photographed this pumpkin in every direction, from every angle and in all different light conditions.

Most photographed pumpkin award 2012 goes toooo… STEEEEVEEEE.

It was far too much fun, but enough at the same time. I don’t think I’d rush to do another one is all I’m saying. I’ve saved the pumpkin from the centre, and I’m going to create the most delicious treats (if I have time on my birthday, if not I’ll just make them after the event).

So keep your eyes peeled and, HAPPY HALLOWEEN for the 31st everyone πŸ˜€ X


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