Flowers and Cocktails, who could want more?

WOW. That was one of the best birthdays ever! At the start of the day, I was a bit bummed because I was up early and off to the museum. I left early because I was feeling a bit let down by my birthday, and I trundled off to Sainsbury’s to get ingredients for my Pumpkin & Cinnamon swirls. I was happy to be (attempting) baking, who doesn’t love a good mill about the kitchen (..oh, just me?). But at the same time it felt a bit boring.
I baked my rolls, then went off to the Slug & Lettuce to meet Amy and Amy, and we had cocktails. I hadn’t even opened any presents by this point so it didn’t really feel like my birthday. As I was sat there reminiscing about Nathans party, the waitress came over with a birthday cake! A vegan one! That Amy had made me 😀 I was so happy, and instantly this put me in a way better mood. It was CHOCOLATE AND ORANGE (good choice in my opinion!) and it was deeelish! We pigged out on the cake, then after about an hour my mum came and picked us up, and I went home to open presents!

I walked in the door, and my mum said “ooh and there’s a surprise present in here for you”. As I walked in there was a big inter flora bag, and some gorgeous white roses from my boyfriend :D. I was like yesssssssss. He was in Leeds at uni and couldn’t come home, so it was nice to see a present from him :).
I got them out of the bag, and they were in a little black and gold vase, very posh looking (posh flowers for a posh bird…). :D. I then walked into the lounge with the flowers, and started talking to my family who were dotted around the room. After about 5 minutes, my whole family hadn’t stopped laughing. I was like WHAT are you laughing at? Turns out, as I looked up, there was my boyfriend sat on the sofa! OOPS, I had completely not realised he was sat there!!! I only had 2 cocktails promise!

So that was funny, and I couldn’t stop smiling after that! And LOOK how gorgeous the flowers are:


We then opened presents, and I got some very good ones this year it has to be said! Got a load of cool cookbooks that I’ll share with you in the future, and also got an avocado slicer, a kiwi box, a finger-held-peeler-thing, a vegan scarf, an ipad case, vegan chocolates and truffles (and lots of them), jewellery, money, and loads more. I am so spoilt now I think about it but am so grateful to all my amazing family and friends :D.

We then rushed off to Rhubarb, and had one of the nicest meals ever. All in all, what an AMAZING day! Thank you to everyone who made it special.


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