Pumpkin & Cinnamon Swirls (vegan recipe)


Cinnamon Swirls, Starbucks make these. Naturally, I need to make them, and vegan, and better. I’ve never tried Starbucks’s swirls but lets assume they’re probably pretty nice, so the bar is set quite high. I’m not going to lie, I don’t think I quite reached the bar! BUT, at least I had a go right? And I was close I think!

Recipe is by VeganFaith for ‘Cinnamon and Pumpkin Rolls’. The recipe was excellent, and her photos are great (much better than mine!). Was a great recipe to follow, and I look forward to reading more of her posts in the future :D.

Here are some photos and short descriptions of my bread journey, but for full description see the Vegan Faith site 😀



1. I  melted vegan butter in rice milk (the recipe calls for almond milk, but I subbed in rice milk), and added the yeast, and left to froth.


2. Our supermarkets don’t seem to sell Pumpkin Pie Spice, so I made it myself :D. 1/2 tsp Cinnamon, 1/4 teaspoon of ginger, 1/8 teaspoon of Allspice and 1/8 teaspoon of nutmeg should do the trick. Multiply this up to get desired quantity for whatever recipe you’re using.


3. I “pulped” the pumpkin. Literally had no idea what that meant so I improvised and whacked it in the blender, if in doubt this is always the way forward!



4. I whisked all the dry ingredients, then added the pumpkin, then the buttery, milky, yeasty combo.


5., As instructed, I kept mixing until I couldn’t mix anymore, then went to kneading, for about 10 minutes.


6. After 10 mins, I rolled into a ball, then rolled it in a greased bowl to lightly cover.


7. I realised the bowl I used wouldn’t accommodate a damp towel, so moved to a glass bowl, and covered with a damp towel. Leave to stand for 1hr and 15 minutes


8. Lightly melt the butter, mix with sugar and cinnamon, and create a GORGEOUS combination which is halfway between buttercream and sugary heaven.



9. Remove dough from bowl, and roll out into a rectangle just bigger than a piece of A4. This is where I realised my dough was too wet, but no going back now!


10. Cover one side with the filling, and roll like a log. My log, to say the least, did NOT look like VeganFaiths log. Oh no. It was way too wet.



11. To say the least, they did NOT look right. If you can, attempt to cut into slices. Personally, because mine were so bad, I made a tray for rejects and a tray for ok-ish looking ones!


12. Leave to cool whilst you prepare the drizzle.



13. Drizzle with icing sugar. I mixed my icing sugar with almond essence and rice milk. You could use vanilla essence but I love almond :D.

Also, above is a teaser for the carved pumpkin I have made for tonights VegSoc event, and the source of the pumpkin I used in this dish!

Feel free to comment with guesses for what I’ve carved :D.

I am going to just post this now, even though it’s not the event yet, just so people can see how I’ve made them before they come tonight for our halloween fun. It’s such an easy recipe, and even despite my dough being a bit too wet, it still worked excellently! Yum Yum, I had one of these for breakfast!

STILL TO COME: A review of my birthday cake and birthday restaurant of choice- Rhubarb Didsbury




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