Wining (A.K.A. vodka drinking) and Dining







Rhubarb– a funny name for a restaurant which is why I like it! This is a little place in Didsbury, with lovely staff and GORGEOUS food. They also have the same wallpaper as our lounge (except, as my mum kept mentioning, ours is teal and gold, but it looks the same to me). All in all, it was a great night out for mine and my brothers birthday, and was topped off by being in such an excellent restaurant.

Where do I start? Ah yes, with the starters…

I had butternut squash soup with pitta, and it was (not only vegan but also) delicious. The flavours were a lot more than I was expecting, and it was creamy and hearty and filling at the same time as being light, airy and modest- everything you want in a starter. Tom ate most of the pitta!

I definitely enjoyed my soup, and on the menu for the meateaters were whipped goats cheese, squid, and mushroom rissotto (which I had as a main) amongst other things that I’ve forgotten. The risotto starter is shown above right. Everyone loved the starters, with everyone scoring it about 7/10. Tom and my sister Phoebe and had the mushroom risotto to start, only difference between that and my portion as a main was that theirs was topped with a little parmesan. Phoebe was in love with it, giving it a 10/10 so I couldn’t wait to try it.

The risotto was amazing. Literally, the best risotto I’ve ever had in my life! Yum! And it’s so filling that even this portion which doesn’t look big (at least compared to the masses that I eat) still filled me up. My dad joked that it was the best I’ve ever had because they secretly put meat in it! Haha, I trust that they didn’t!

There were 3 steaks (the boys), one salmon dish (dad) and one duck dish (Phoebe), as well as my mum ordering the vegetarian Roasted Vegetable Cobbler. All the dishes were a hit, with Phoebe continuing on with her 10/10 theme!

For those interested in vegan drinks, smirnoff is vegan, no animal products used in the making and/or ingredients. I had Smirnoff, lime and lemonade. Mmmmm! They also serve Absolut vodka at Rhubarb, which is vegan. I didn’t check out any of the other drinks.

We then had a birthday cake (vegan) from the Tea Hive, a place in Manchester that I’ve still not got round to Β visiting, but my mum raves about it. They do vegan cakes, and I’ve just spotted ‘Hummus with green leaves, grated carrot and sultana salad (vegan)’ on their Menu, so can’t wait to go! The cake was banana and date. I don’t usually like dates so I was a bit weary, but Oh My God… it was amazing!

We were all so full from the meal, but it was nice to have a vegan birthday cake, and we could sing happy birthday and blow out the candles etc. Rhubarb were really accommodating too, and made us feel very welcome.

Overall, we had some amazing food, I was in great company, and in a gorgeous restaurant, and to top ALL that, I had an amazing amazing and gorgeous cake. Overall the Czachur family give this place a solid 8/10, maybe even 8 1/2 or 9. Haha, basically, we loved it!

Hope you enjoyed. I’d definitely go again, even if just for the risotto (remember to ask for it without cheese!) X


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