What to get the girl who has everything-A Guide to Vegan Present Giving

If there was an award for dragging out your birthday for as long as possible, I think I’d get it! I thought seeing as I had such an amazing few days, and got so many fantastic presents (THANK YOU everyone :D), that it’d be a good idea to do a ‘Guide to Vegan Present Giving‘ style post. So here it is… my top 8 gifts for vegans …

1. Cook Books

This year I was overwhelmed by books, and it made me SO happy :D. So this is definitely my no. 1. You can literally never have too many books, ever! I got:

Vegan Cooking For Carnivores by Roberto Martin, and hilariously the photographers name is Quentin Bacon. Heeheehee

Easy Vegan from Ryland Peters & Small

Handmade In The Present Moment, Recipes from a raw food cafe by Yvette Schindler

VEGANOMICON The Ultimate Vegan Cookbook by Isa Chandra Moskowitz & Terry Hope Romero (Authors of ‘Vegan with a Vengeance’ and ‘Vegan Cupcakes Take Over The World’)

They all look like such good books, with some gorgeous photography and I can’t wait to try them out! Veganomicon is meant to be one of the best Vegan books to fall out of America, so I expect big things from that :D.

Also shown in the above photo is my book from my dad, The Students Textbook of Zoology by Sedgwick (the Professor of Zoology and Comparative Anatomy at Cambridge University at the time of press- which was 1909!!!). It is the Arthropoda, Crustacea and Xiphosura edition, so will be a great help for my Museum project, and will help me when looking for history surrounding our collection at the museum as many specimens were collected at the time this book was written! ****Useful Present Alert****. My dad also got me an e-book called “The Secret Life of Wombats”, haha, I don’t even know what to say about that one!

2. ANYTHING from Lush

Lush is such a great place, publicly campaigning against animal testing, and using completely no animal testing in any of their products. about 70% of their store is apparently vegan, with some things containing honey and other animal ingredients, but if you ask they are always happy to show you what’s vegan.

My flatmates from 1st year got me a lovely little box of lush-ness, and my mum got me a voucher for the store. Very happy with this as I could spend millions in this place! I have my eye on some vegan perfume from there, so will have to go for a smell session some time soon:D

3. Kitchen stuff

Lets face it, vegans love food! And anything to help them along in the kitchen is always welcomed. My auntie always strikes gold with presents, but this year she got me such good presents! I got a handheld peeler thing, no idea how to describe it, I therefore will let you just see it in full apple-peeling-action in the photo below:D So cool! Also got an avocado slicer and a kiwi box, as well as the raw food cafe recipe book I’ve told you about above. Woohoo!

4. Vegan Clothing

It’s nice when we know 100% that our clothes are vegan. I like these products by Knits By Nat, and particularly loved this scarf in grey! It looks so luxurious and is 1000000% vegan. Woohoo!

5. Jewellery

For a girl anyway, its aaaalways nice to be spoilt on your birthday. This little beauty is my birthday/3-years-of-putting-up-with-eachother present from Tom, and I LOVE it 😀

6. Flowers

Again, I just love to be spoilt 😀 How about if you’re buying for a vegan, getting them some kind of sustainably sourced flowers, in a recycled vase! (is this ott? yes? no? It’s a birthday, go wild!)

7. Miscellaneous items

Number 7 goes to those presents which just don’t have a category. Your advent calendars (despite it being October), your bottle of vodka off your brother, the iPad case and the Munchkin Pumpkin, the 100% fake leather purse (“IT’S FAKE” as my best friend assured me!!). They’re all those presents that you need in your life right now. This is personal to each person I suppose, and looking at my pile, I’m wondering what kind of person I really am!!!!


I’m not even that big a fan of chocolate normally, but see my next post for how AMAZING this vegan chocolate was. Chocolate is a must on birthdays, and to make sure that we don’t miss out on the fun, spoil us with an extra big box 😀 These shown above are by Booja Booja, and are deeeelish! They come in so many flavours omggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg YUM

I hope whether you are buying for a vegan, asking for presents or simply want to learn more about what’s out there, that this post has helped a little :D. Happy buying X


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