My friend Lauren is trying out VEGAN MONTH. It’s a great way to try out vegan food, the lifestyle, and see if it’s for you or not. Most people after 4 weeks will not go back because they can feel the differences beginning already in their health, their moods and their looks. Good Luck Lauren πŸ˜€ (World Vegan Month is globally known as the whole month of November- why not give it a try?)

Easily Influenced Vegan Conversion

SO….. Tomorrow is November 1st, the beginning of WORLD VEGAN MONTH! I thought seeing as I turned vegetarian 6 months ago for moral reasons that I don’t want to promote animal consumption, I may as well go the whole hog and actually whole-heartedly stick to my principles and not eat ANYTHING that has animal products in it.Β 

I have a meal plan that I am doing on a 3-4 day basis (vegetables go off too quickly in my house for me to be able to plan further in advance) so I went on the vegan society website ( and had a browse of their recipes. I will branch out to other vegan blogs and sites in the future.

My first issue really was breakfast. I don’t tend to eat breakfast, but I thought I may as well try and be healthy with the whole 3 meals a day…

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