Bean Sprouts and Stomach Size





IT’S WORLD VEGAN MONTH, beginning today! So even if its just for the month, it’s worth giving veganism a go!

Today on the menu- as many bean sprouts as I could physically consume (love the stuff!) and humous, with cucumber and tomatoes for good measure.

I drizzled the Soy and Orange sauce that I made for my tempura over the outside, then drizzled a bit over the cucumber. Its a really strong taste, I added way too much, but gave it a little kick of asia.

Meals like this always fill me up instantly, but then a few hours later I’m hungry, so I ended up having a jam sarnie later on too! 😀

I remember on a film, called ‘Forks and Knives’, they showed how your brain perceives food. It showed illustrations similar to this one below:

Your stomach has tension sensors, that detect when your stomach is expanding, and tell your brain when it’s time to stop eating. It also has density or ‘richness’ sensors in the stomach wall, which detect how rich with food the stomach is. So when you eat meat, your stomach is only about half full, and doesn’t stretch out it just sits in the bottom of your stomach. This signals to your brain that you need more food. They also showed how oil (which is terrible for your health as I found out) sits in such a small space in the bottom of your stomach, that your body doesn’t even realise you’ve eaten it. With a plant based diet however, your stomach becomes full quickly, then the more you eat, the more your stomach stretches. When you are truly full, your body tells you you’re no longer hungry! Perfect!

This is why I think over indulgence is such a problem in the western world. People aren’t ‘full’, despite eating mass amounts of meat (often with not very many plant-based foods on the side.. and this is excluding chips which are full of oil!). So you can eat less and feel fuller, at the same time as getting all the nutrients you need!

Well that’s the theory, but I still ate a jam sandwich after my salad…8-)


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