The good and the bad of eating out vegan

I just found this post in my ‘drafts’ from last week! I was sure it had been published but obviously not… so here we go (bearing in mind this was last week)

I have been dining, cooking, cake eating and event running… Oh and I’ve been working at Starbucks and the museum. I have been SO busy! I was under the impression that a year out meant I’d have loads of free time but for someone like me I don’t think that’s possible.

We have just had our first VegSoc food stall, and it was at the UOM Asian Food Festival. It was an experience! We learnt a lot about what we would do differently, like not make enough food to feed a small country. But we made a profit for the society so are more than happy with that πŸ˜€ I ended up being sat on the stall for 7 hours! Wowwww! But I definitely think if food like this was available around campus I’d be the first in queue to buy it.





We had Quinoa and buckwheat as the base of the box, then customers selected a humous (standard chickpea, jalapeΓ±o and red pepper, or sundried tomato humous), and 2ish veg to go with the falafel. Then we topped with spinach and tada! They could also choose for it to be served in a half pitta, or just as a salad box. YUM.

Accompanying our savoury salad bar were boxes of amazing cakes by one of our members, Jenny. She runs the Cottage Cupcake Co. and brought along some chocolate brownies and berry cupcakes. They were amazing, and I even bought a load to take home as they were too good to miss out on!

Visit her site here for amazing baking delights (and vegan!).

So that was a mainly successful day, but at the weekend I had less luck.

We went out for a meal at the Horse and Jockey, and it was terrible! Every restaurant I’ve been to I’ve written a review on here, but I didn’t want to write a whole post on how bad our experience was, so I’ll just have a massive rant on the end of this post! Skip to after the stars if you’re not interested in the restaurant from hell.

There was this restaurant, the Horse and Jockey in Chorlton green, which has vegan meals on its menu, and says ‘vegan’ next to appropriate ones. Great! A restaurant that caters for vegans ( we thought ). We phoned up 3 days before going, and booked a table for a Sunday roast. You have to preorder your roast because otherwise it sells out apparently. My mum is following world vegan month for November, so we both ordered nut roast. We asked on the phone if the nut roast was vegan, and were assured it was. We repeated that there were TWO vegans, and they said that was fine. Brilliant!

We arrived to a beautifully decorated restaurant, right on the green and surrounded by autumn leaves. I was so excited because last time we ate in this restaurant (2 years ago now), it was gorgeous so we expected nothing but the best from this place. We walked to the desk, gave our name and the waitresses face fell.
“I’m so sorry, but the nut roast isn’t vegan”.
For. Gods. Sake.
At this point, it all went downhill. They didn’t really know what to offer us, so they sat us down and we said we’d just have the roast without the meat (as that’s what we sometimes do at home). In the end she spoke to the chef and they gave us the vegan chickpea burger with Sunday roast veg. OK, this could work.

Because we preordered everything else, within 10 minutes the food was on the table. Rather strange and I’m not sure if I liked it, you were sprung into eating when you’d only just taken your coat off. The rest of the families roast dinners arrived, then along came our vegan option which I can only describe as a mess.

The veggie burger was drowned in what looked like thick tomato soup, they served it with a Yorkshire pudding and some potatoes. The veg was basically a pile of swede with a few carrots thrown in (I think they got the carrots & swede classic the wrong way round, should have been way more carrots).

I said surely the Yorkshire puddings aren’t vegan. I asked. They had egg in. My dads eyes lit up at the thought of extra yorkies for him!

We tucked in, trying to be positive, but with little hope left. The burger was a stodgy thick block of chickpea, with no flavour. The tomato soup style gravy was thick, heavy and very spicy. My mum hates spicy food so was disappointed that they said they’d just give her the Sunday roast with a burger, but had in fact smeared this horrible sauce over it.

All in all, the meat roasts were distinctly average, and the vegan roast below average. I wouldn’t pay to go there, in fact I don’t think I’d let them pay me to go because it’s not worth the hassle. The staff seemed to be hassled by us, and it wasn’t a good atmosphere. They knew they’d disappointed us, so didn’t even ask us how our meal was when collecting the bill.

Hmm… Won’t be going there again!

******************RANT OVER******************

So yeah, on a lighter note, things are going fantastically at the museum, getting lots done. But still loads to do. I also have just got a new iPhone and it is so fun! It was an upgrade so didn’t put me out of pocket…bonus! The camera on it is so good, so will be posting a few new photos from now on πŸ™‚

I’m off to the museum now, but will post some new recipes in the next few days when I get chance. My mum made a gorgeous risotto last night, yum yum yum!

Have a nice day, I’ve decided I’m having a great day today πŸ˜€


8 thoughts on “The good and the bad of eating out vegan

  1. Such a shame! I’ve never eaten at The Horse & Jockey but I’ve not heard great things from other people either :/ I keep wanting to try the roast at Bistro 1847, which looks great! (Thanks for the mention, too :D)

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