And for breakfast…

I’m trying to eat feel good food at the moment, and reach my health ‘peak’. Needless to say that’s progressing very slowly…. Slowly but surly!

I have fallen in love with ‘Lizzi’s Granola’, it is so sweet (probably not a good thing) but packed with a million and one seeds and goodies. It always leaves me so full after breakfast and I love eating it! You should give it a try πŸ˜‰

But this rainy Saturday morning, in a bid to make myself feel like it was summer (pathetic attempt I know) I made strawberries and bananas with yoghurt ( truly natural, none of this ‘natural yoghurt’ rubbish when it’s made very unnaturally from another animals milk intended for its offspring, and does you no good internally…. anyway!). So yes, here’s my little mini creation:


I am walking to Starbucks now, and have the most amazing little wordpress app on my phone (new iPhone woohoo!). I really am amazed at how technology even works, I am walking through my town BLOGGING! Gone are the days where I make a list on the back of an envelope of all the recipes I need to blog… I can do it on the go!

In more shocking news, it is not even December yet and a Christmas tree has just sprung up in the middle of Sale Town Centre. Hmpf.


This means I need to brainstorm something to ‘wow’ on Christmas day, at the same time as being guilt-free :).

To start, I’m trying out Jenny’s stuffed seitan, something I might even try when I get back from work tonight… Oooh

Look out for a future post on the ‘happy cow burgers and old school slaw’ meal that I made last night, a veggie meal from Jamie Oliver’s 15 minute meals, yum.


Happy Saturday everyone X


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