Happy Cow Burgers and Old School Slaw

I love cooking shows, and I love cooking. It’s easy to watch the flavours that chefs throw together and mimic it in a vegan meal because let’s face it, the meat is never the main flavour focus (or it wouldn’t need so much adding to it). So I don’t mind watching meaty cook shows because not only do I have no option, but also you can get great ideas from them.

Saying that, I was watching Jamie Oliver’s 15 minute meals, and he made an almost (sub the yoghurt for veg yoghurt) completely doable vegan meal!

He claimed to try and eat veggie at least 2 days every week, noting the health benefits! Yes Jamie! Very happy with that!

It was a veggie burger made from beans, coriander stalks, spices like cayenne, cumin and ground coriander, and flour. It was so simple and quick ( just throw everything in a blender) and worked reasonably well. The burgers were a little moist but maybe if cooked for longer they would firm up. They didn’t fall apart which was an absolute winner!

The coleslaw was just cabbage, red onion, yoghurt, mustard and the leaves from the coriander chopped. I added way too much mustard so then piled on yoghurt until I could feel my face again.

That, in the end, was delicious and crisp, and my dad said it looked just how my nannie makes it (personal win there!).

And to side was corn on the cob, just plainly boiled in water. Against Jamie’s command we added ‘Pure’ dairy free sunflower spread, and it melted on the cob dreamily.

Despite the burgers needing a little longer in the pan, and me being way too generous with the mustard, it was actually quite a successful meal!





Go to Jamies page on the Channel 4 scrapbook for recipe details.


3 thoughts on “Happy Cow Burgers and Old School Slaw

  1. Your presentation is better than Jamie’s LOL! I was looking for a review of the burgers online and stumbled across your site – After your review, I dared to venture into making them for my strictly carnivorous husband and he didn’t even realize they were vegetarian till I told him … perfect! πŸ˜‰

    • Aw thank you very much! I’m glad he (and you) enjoyed it, yes I always go for the meateater-pleasing dishes, and this was definitely a hit. The reason I did a post like this was because I couldn’t find anything online about it either, so I’m glad this was useful to you πŸ˜€ I hope youll enjoy my other posts, let me know how they go if you try any of my recipes πŸ™‚ X

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