Sad Scales and Legless Crabs


Fancy making these bad boys?

It’s so simple, I used the BBC good food recipe exactly, which was already vegan! Oh, actually I’m lying, I used rice milk instead of soy. Since when do I stick to any recipe exactly anyway?

I also used a (according to my mum) “brownie baking tin”.

I’m no expert in brownie baking, or any type of baking for that matter, but it was the shallowest, thinnest, puniest tray ever. But my mum was adamant it was for brownies.


So ahead I went and poured a load of mixture (I doubled the recipe) into this tray. I watched it rise and rise over the next 20 minutes, hoping I could say HA look mum, I was right, as the oven was inevitably going to be coated in brownie.

But unfortunately for my ego and my scales, they were delicious (and stayed strictly in the skinny little brownie tin).


Next time I’m going to try a different milk, as rice milk never seems to rise to the challenge when I bake with it, and we don’t really buy soya milk so I’m going to have to rethink the milk situation.

I don’t like having soy products at home purely because when I’m out so many things contain soy. And I definitely believe there can be ‘too much of a good thing’, as my body reminds me when I go on a tofu hype.

I also never feel great after a big soya latte, I have to have cappuccinos or something with extra dry soya milk.
Too. Much. Soy.

Talking about soy makes me feel very light and healthy because I had granola with rice milk and strawberries for breakfast. I was running a few minutes late, so my mum made my breakfast for me :D. Isn’t she lovely?


So now I’m on my way to the museum. It’s Monday morning AGAIN (I swear we have only just had a Monday), and yet again I’m planning an extremely productive week. I’m powering through my museum work like crazy.

Spent one day last week sorting through a box of 12 crabs which had all been chucked together. There were legs EVERYWHERE and it seemed funnily un-vegan to be matching legless crabs with their long lost limbs.



And in fear of rambling on way too much in this post, and turning it into a short novel, I shall conclude with a few photos from the gorgeous Moniques christening yesterday morning. The church sat beautifully beneath the blue skies, and it was lovely to see the family. We went for a meal and me and my mum had a roast dinner minus the meat, and the bar staff wouldn’t serve me because they didn’t think I looked over 21….erm duh that’s because I’m 20! And who takes ID to a christening anyway?

But all in all, what a lovely day πŸ˜€






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