Looming deadline

When you guys like my posts or subscribe to my blog, I always at some point will come to your blog, have a read, and follow you back. There always seems to be some kind of common interest and I think that’s really cool.

This morning I was having a nosey at some of my new subscribers blogs and every one I looked at was so good! So I thought I’d let you know of my appreciation at all your amazing blogs!

One that stuck out in particular was this one by Jon Waters.

I found myself lost in dreams of stretching after reading the post about how beneficial it is. I had just woken up and he was exactly right… Stretching is amazing!

He mainly got a shoutout because of the way he fills his posts with information. I often babble on about kitchen experiences and random moments in my day, but all of the posts I read there were riddled with fact!

My favourite was his post on milk, it’s definitely worth a read.

If I could work out how to reblog that post I would!

In other news, today I had carrot and coriander soup, apple juice, and after being influenced by Jon, a bottle of water.

Now back to the museum where I’m busily trying to move this project along!

I have around 150 crabs left to name from the dried collection I’m working on, which at this rate will take weeks, then onto the spirit collection where god only knows how many specimens there are. Hopefully I’ll be so experienced by the time I get to them that I’ll whizz through the work!

Basically, my deadline of January is starting to look very close. Uh oh.

Deadline is such a horrible word.


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