BBQ Tofu Steak and Cheesy Chips

Tofu. It looks like chewing gum, yet there’s undeniably something about it that I love.
I hardly ever have it, (that’s a lie, I had it on Saturday and I’m having it now)… Ok I don’t regularly have tofu in my diet, but this week I had a massive urge to make BBQ tofu steaks after seeing Jamie Oliver make BBQ pork in his 15 minute meals.
Pork, tofu, same thing really (ok that’s another lie) well once they’re slathered in BBQ-ness anyway, except tofu is much healthier so I get to indulge without adding inches to the hips!! Woo bonus…
I’ve always thought of tofu steaks as an American thing, and never even wanted to try it, so I have no idea where this desire came from! I read up on it and basically concocted lots of people’s ideas (thanks world wide web) into this:
2 tbsp oil
Salt and pepper (a good generous amount)
1 tbsp paprika
1 tbsp garlic powder
1/2 tbsp cayenne pepper
Shop bought BBQ sauce (I like the HP BBQ sauce)

1. Dry press the tofu so it firms up and as much of the water as possible gets out of the tofu. I drained and dabbed the tofu first, then wrapped in kitchen roll and a tea towel, and sat under a plate full of jars and cans.

2. Mix all ingredients except tofu and shop bought BBQ sauce. Slather onto the dry firm tofu


3. Leave to sit for at least 4 hours (or more)

4. Ideally, and on a high heat, cook in a griddle pan until you get those lovely charred lines on the tofu. I couldn’t find my griddle pan so I grilled instead. I popped them under the grill for about 5 minutes on one side, then flipped, waited around 3-4 minutes.
5. Then add the shop bought BBQ sauce to the top of the steak, and allow to cook whilst the sauce dreamily melts over the tofu. It turns into a kind of glaze it’s so amazingly luring.


6. Remove and serve with a spring onion and topping and seasonal veg or chunky cheesy chips (or both!!).


When making the chips, I just threw a few pieces of pepper and a few garlic cloves onto the tray. When done, I used the roasted garlic in the pan when frying the spring onion, and I had the roasted red peppers as a side. I think it’s vital to have something as sweet as a red pepper for the side, as something very watery like a green veg wouldn’t quite suffice next to the strong flavours of the BBQ steak.
And here we have it, the final plate:




3 thoughts on “BBQ Tofu Steak and Cheesy Chips

    • Yeah it’s so good! I’m gonna make BBQ tofu kebabs to take to a party I’m going to at the weekend, with garlic mushrooms on the kebab! Mmm! And I used ‘sheese’ it didn’t melt very well at all it just went a bit hard… 😦 but that’s cos I left the cheese in the oven for like ten minutes I think … Oops

      • The only vegan cheese alternative I have had luck with is Tofutti’s cream cheese alternative (it’s delicious). The rest been lacking. I still hold out hope of a really great shredded alternative, though!

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