Sundried tomato’d pasta


First things first, I’ll admit it. I had a dominoes pizza! No cheese, no meat, and bobs your uncle, fannys your aunt. Theres all this bla bla about contamination and all that, but quite honestly I wanted a pizza and the fact it touched a knife that may or may not (provably did) have touched cheese and/or meat did not bother me.

If you think I’m a bad vegan then check out what we are making for Christmas Day breakfast:


I’m not eating it, but it sure is funny so I’m all for making it, because the meat’s being bought anyway so might as well have some fun with it!

To balance this post out for all you veggies who now feel sick looking at the above, here is a british company I found who sell vegan shoes!


I hate the taboo around vegans, not because I think vegans are better than anybody but because I think they’re EXACTLY the same as normal people, they just don’t like to exploit animals which is surely fair enough? So one thing that annoyed me about this brand was that they’ve plonked a whopping big ‘vegan’ logo on the side of their shoes. Whyyyyyyy?!?!?! Yes, we know vegans like to exhibit their opinions and enforce them upon everyone else, but on your shoesreally?

This annoyed me, because I was happy with everything else about this company, so I sent them this:


Am I going off on a bit of a rant here? Anyway yeah, he replied saying the logo is not how it is on the website, and its now just ’embossed’ on the shoe instead of stitched in a different colour. Hmmmm I suppose that’ll do!

Because yes I think it’s absolutely fantastic that they are vegan and good quality, durable shoes at the same time, but people don’t think of the word vegan in the way they should, they just think of a militantly opinionated person protesting against fun.

So I’ve ordered a pair of them as my Xmas present… I’ll let you know how bad the logo, if its terrible ill be sending them back!

In other news, and the actual purpose of this post, is the yum pasta I made the other day!

Spaghetti (100% Durham wheat mmmm)
Jar of Sundried tomatoes
2 red onions

(Could the ingredients possibly be easier?)

Get the spaghetti boiling in a pan.

Use the oil from the tomato jar, whack a bit in to a wok, and add diced onions.

Chop up the Sundried tomatoes a bit, I like them chunky, and throw in with the onions. Here you can add cherry tomatoes if you have them.

Let them simmer in their own juices whilst the pasta cooks. You can add sugar to the onions to make them caramelise beautifully if you’re as unhealthy as me.

When the pastas done, drain and add to the wok. Mix, and let it heat up a bit and let the flavours infuse with the pasta.

Serve with a bit of that fake Parmesan stuff that’s actually well nice (I say well nice, but fake cheese now tastes like dairy cheese to me so don’t trust my taste buds!). My family use it too though so can’t be that bad.

Enjoy with garlic bread if you have the time and effort! This is a definite go-to meal when I don’t know what to cook! Yuuuuum





9 thoughts on “Sundried tomato’d pasta

  1. Shoes look good. I don’t mind a subtle vegan logo on things – I think it is good to let people know that there are alternatives out there that don’t mean making massive sacrifices. If a logo means that a few more people go out and think about getting an alternative shoe then I think it is worth it πŸ™‚

    As for pizza – I make my own. It is really easy to do and you can make it as healthy and/or delicious as you like. My recipe is here


    • Ps thanks for your comments πŸ™‚ and mark I make my own pizza usually (have posted recipe on here too I think!) but I could not be bothered that night, got home at 6.30pm to the family ordering pizza and I caved! Just thought I’d put it out there that its OK for vegans to eat pizza sometimes, haha as I’m often faced with ‘all you eat is salad’… Not the case at all!

      • Good point πŸ™‚ I love it when non-vegans ask “so what CAN you eat?” in a shocked voice. They’d better not ask unless they have an hour to kill because I will list things πŸ™‚

      • Hahaha I do the same, the better question is what I don’t eat, which is not much! :p just had a chocolate, orange and almond cake I think I’ve just died and gone to heaven! Massively recommend if you ever stumble across it!

  2. I used to be pretty shy about being vegan and sort of prided myself on being the ‘not in your face’ kind – actually, there are all different kinds, and I’m not really interested in anyone who stereotypes vegans (or anyone else) whether they think I’m the ‘good’ kind or not! I actually think it’s brilliant to be proud of your beliefs and to be passionate about them – a lot of vegans I know wouldn’t have thought about the issues unless someone else had brought it to their attention πŸ™‚

    I’m much more comfortable with my veganism these days, and while it still isn’t my style to talk about it unless asked, I’m definitely unapologetic and will defend myself and my beliefs if challenged – which I often have been! (I remember one time some guy telling my I should never get pregnant because that would be cruel to my hypothetical unborn child – talk about in your face!)

    I say wear your embossed vegan logo with pride πŸ˜€ You can always buy some from Primarni if it’s not your style, though πŸ™‚ Anyone who thinks you are somehow criticising or attacking them simply for being vegan and having a shoe that says so is being seriously defensive! And the pasta looks yum πŸ™‚

    • Yeah, I know exactly what you mean, you should talk about it so other people at least hear it and see that there are options out there…. I do get that, but I don’t know, having the logo on your shoe seems a bit OTT. :s I am super super proud to be vegan, and anyone that ever talks to me about it will know that, but I also agree that if you don’t feel this way, you shouldn’t have to even think about it if you don’t want to….and people don’t walk around with ‘leather’ on the side of their shoe, it’s on the bottom so you know it’s leather, but it’d look silly if it was on the side of the shoe don’t you think? I don’t know why I’m defending meat eaters haha, because we get meat shoved in our faces every day. Maybe I’m too traditionalist in the way I think, maybe it’s time for change. I would love for somebody with power to just wake up and go ‘oh yeah… Sack leather this is actually ridiculous’… So maybe having the logo on my shoe will take us one STEP (get it?) closer to that… Bad joke!

      But to clarify, I LOVE being vegan, and everything it stands for, despite the horrible unrealistic stereotypes! We need a new word for it!

      Sorry if I offended anyone with this post, just thought it was a little ridiculous that’s all!

      • I think it’s definitely ok to want good quality non leather shoes that don’t say ‘vegan’ on the side – it would be good if they offered the choice because quality ones are so hard to find!

        I think as the years have progressed I do feel differently about being vegan – once I used to put up with my family making loadsa jokes, but not anymore πŸ˜€

        I hope you like them anyway because they look pretty great and it would be a shame if your Christmas present wasn’t fantastic! πŸ™‚

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