Enjoy Your Day

Enjoy Your Day

Today is the oldest you’ve ever been, yet the youngest you’ll ever be, so enjoy this day whilst it lasts X


5 thoughts on “Enjoy Your Day

    • Why thankyou… But I’ll admit it’s fake!!!! We have a real one in our lounge too… Spoilt or what?!?! 😀 I made the stockings on the tree I’m very proud 😀 have a lovely lovely Christmas too, I’m currently trying to perfect a christmas lunch vegan starter and having no luck!

      • They are amazing! It’s great getting crafty at Christmas 😀 I make the Christmas dinner every year (turkey aside) and am doing leek & potato soup this year – always a crowd pleaser I find 🙂

      • Hmm I didn’t consider soup… I thought it might be too filling but now you mention it I might give it a go!

        And I’m making it this year for 12 (including 2 turkeys a gammon and a beef) …don’t feel tempted one bit! Gammon is the only thing ill probably miss 😦

      • Wowzer, I don’t envy your schedule! 🙂 Maybe get yourself one of the fat veggie roasts? I usually make a fancy vegan main, but I’m feeling lazy this year and might just get a faux roast – that might help you out with missing the gammon? There is so much other yummy stuff on the table at Christmas anyway so hopefully you’ll sail through!

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